'Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer: An Epic Untold Story

trailer for the amazing spider-man

Of all the upcoming reboots and remakes on the slate for 2012, The Amazing Spider-Man is probably one of the most debated.

The film is a complete re-imagining of the Spider-Man film universe - one that carries heavy traces of the more modern Spider-Man mythos (as featured in Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man comic books), rather than the classic Spider-Man comics that were the basis of  Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movie trilogy early in the new millennium.

The first Amazing Spider-Man trailer left the fanbase severely divided. Some were intrigued by the seemingly darker and more modern take on NYC teenager Peter Parker's transformation into an arachnid-powered superhero; others thought that star Andrew Garfield was offering a more "Emo" take on  Peter P., and that the differences in tone, costume, and the details of Spider-Man's origin story were too divergent from the character's established cannon.

Well, suffice to say that this new Amazing Spider-Man trailer does enough stuff right to at least see this as a worthy re-visit to some familiar cinematic material. Check it out for yourself, below:

Let's be clear: This is indeed a different take on Spider-Man. Sure, there are clear shades of influence from the Ultimate Spider-Man comics - including Gwen Stacy, the role of Oscorp, how Peter's parents' past is tied with his extraordinary fate as well as that of Dr. Connors. Other elements - like the  contemporary NYC look of  teenage characters like Peter and Gwen, to the darker, grittier Dark Knight-esque aesthetic - are new to the Spidey universe. But in my (sole) opinion, those tweaks and changes - while perhaps initially jarring - ultimately work to make ASM a better movie experience.

This trailer  changes the game. Before, most comic book movie fans would probably agree that the big contest was between Marvel Studios' The Avengers and Warner Bros.' The Dark Knight Rises; however, it now seems as if Spider-Man is swinging into the ring as a potential contender. Going to be an interesting summer for superhero movie fans.

The Amazing Spider-Man will be in theaters (2D and 3D) on July 3, 2012.

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