New 'Amazing Spider-Man' Set Photos Feature Live-Action Web-Slinging

While debate rages about whether or not Marc Webb's upcoming reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, is a welcome fresh start for the franchise or an unnecessary rehash, there have been some interesting (promising?) things that have been captured in photos taken on both the LA and NYC sets.

Some of these points of interest and/or debate have been the Spider-Man's mechanical web-shooters (a departure from the organic shooters in Sam Raimi's Spidey films), star Andrew Garfield's look as Peter Parker, and even an early look at The Lizard (Rhys Ifans). Today we add another topic of debate to the Amazing Spider-Man pile with new NYC set photos that further indicate that Spidey's web-slinging theatrics will only be part CGI in Webb's film.

Back in 2002 it seemed revolutionary that movie technology had progressed to the point where a CGI Spider-Man could convincingly pull off all the web-slinging acrobatics that define the character. A CG Spidey was widely seen as a necessary move, since no live actor or stuntman could conceivably handle the physical demands of the web-slinging work and still make it look good onscreen.

Well, I guess nobody told Marc Webb and Co. what the limits of possibility are, because as we've seen in previous set photos, a stuntman (and Garfield?) will indeed be getting down and dirty as Spider-Man in action. Today's latest crop of photos reveal more of the intense wire-work that will be used in the film, which will also be mixed with CGI (notice the missing webs) to create the full-on "Spidey effect." I have to say, the results look pretty good so far:

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Shots of "Spider-junk" aside, I like that the stuntman (I'm assuming it is a stuntman and not Garfield) seems to have the look of Spidey down-pat while web-slinging. It wouldn't be enough to just hit the wires and start-a-swinging - comic book artists have been drawing Spidey's body in specific poses, at specific angles, for decades, in order to create a sense of real-world physics that would apply if a guy indeed started swinging on thin strips of webbing from dizzying heights. From what I see in these set photos, the ASM stunt team have done their homework and will be trying to honor the iconic Spider-Man physicality that has distinguished the hero.

Also a plus: in an era where so many films rely on CGI (Green Lantern, looking at you,) I'm happy to see some good ol' fashioned movie magic being utilized...even if this film will also be leaning on the crutch of 3D to turn a higher profit. Speaking of which: I wonder if having a live actor doing the web-slinging will play better or worse in the 3D format...

What do you guys think - happy to see a real person doing the web-slinging?

The Amazing Spider-Man will swing into theaters on July 3, 2012.

Sources: Splash News & Daily Mail UK

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