'Amazing Spider-Man' Set Photo Reveals Total Peter Parker

The Amazing Spider-Man reboot sequel

We've been watching photos from The Amazing Spider-Man set leak online ever since cameras started rolling on director Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot a few months back, but now that the production has moved from the west coast over to New York City, photos from the east coast set are popping up.

Today we have a a photo that manages to reveal something slightly new: namely, what star Andrew Garfield will look like in full Peter Parker garb...glasses included.

To reiterate: at this point we've seen Garfield both inside his Spider-Man suit and in civilian clothes as Peter Parker, but we've never really seen the complete Peter Parker effect until now, and the difference is all in the glasses.

On their own, glasses may seem like a pretty lame thing to fawn over in when analyzing the look of a superhero's alter-ego; on the other hand, in cases like Clark Kent/Superman, glasses truly are the most crucial aspect of the look. After we see Man of Steel star Henry Cavill in the super suit for the first time, you can bet that fans will be quickly turning their attention to the subject of how he looks as Clark Kent in the oversized clothes and...(you guessed it) glasses.

But I digress.

Below is the photo taken from the set of Amazing Spider-Man (courtesy of Just Jared). Check it out and then we'll discuss if Garfield truly has that 'Parker look':



People have been a little critical thus far about Garfield's fit (or lack thereof) for the character of Peter Parker, with particular mention being made of his thin build, the seemingly strange blowout hairstyle he's sporting, and, if you can believe it, the clothes he's been wearing as Peter Parker. Well, as far as the body build: Spider-Man was always meant to be a very lean superhero, especially in his early years when he was a teenage boy. As far as the, no comment 'til we see how it plays on screen. However, one thing that I do like about Garfield as Parker  (and subsequently Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy) is that the costume designers on Amazing Spider-Man are actually dressing these kids to resemble modern-day New York City teens.

Sure, in the comic, young peter Parker wore trousers and button-down shirts with a sweater vest on top - he was a nerd, after all. In the early Ultimate Spider-Man comics, Peter Parker wore more "hip" clothing (read: baggy) with a "hip" emo haircut to match. In Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films, Peter Parker was stocky rather than lean, and was very nondescript in terms of his style of dress.

I say all that to say: One goal of this reboot is to make Spider-Man more modern and edgy by trying to envision what the web-head's existence would truly be like if he actually existed in modern context. Well, I can tell you (having lived here for half a decade): today's NYC teens don't dress anything like the characters in any Spidey comics or Raimi's films. I think Webb and Co. are on the right track with their approach to the Peter and Gwen, even though some fans might not want to see Peter P. in a thrift store army jacket.

Hhow do you think Garfield looks as Peter Parker (glasses and all)?

The Amazing Spider-Man will be in theaters on July 3, 2012

Source: Just Jared

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