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Amazing Spider-Man - Spider-Man Battles The Lizard in High School

It's a common complaint these days that movie studios release too much footage before a movie has a chance to premiere in theaters. Between trailers, clips, featurettes and set videos, you can get an idea of how the entire movie is going to play out, long before you pay the ticket price to actually see it.

One fan has set out to prove this point - at least insofar as it applies to The Amazing Spider-Man. By cutting together all of the footage released so far, user  Sleepyskunk has actually managed to put together a twenty-five minute reel that plays like a truncated version of the movie.


Having seen the film (check back on July 3rd for our official review) I can say: this preview only does Amazing Spider-Man a fraction of the justice it deserves. While you don't really get the full deal from this patchwork of scenes, the mega-preview does give you a sense of some of the major plot points - as well as the finer aspects of the film, including:

  • The modernized version of Peter Parker (as portrayed by Andrew Garfield).
  • The lankier, wise-cracking version of Spider-Man (that's in step with the comic version).
  • Both the practical stunt work and CGI effects used to create the super-powered action.
  • The overall narrative and tone of the film.
  • The performances of the principal cast and their shared chemistry.

There is still a considerable contingent of moviegoers who believe that The Amazing Spider-Man is an unnecessary reboot of the film franchise, but director Marc Webb has arguably created a different enough version of Spidey's world - even if some of the origin story beats are the same - to allow ASM to stand on its own. This video should serve to give those people still on the fence about seeing ASM a much better indication of whether or not the film is for them.

peter parker and gwen stacy in the amazing spider-man trailer

I can also say that some of the sequencing in the video isn't quite in the correct order - namely the scene where peter parker is in Gwen Stacy's (Emma Stone) room all injured, vulnerable and shirtless. In this preview, that scene is followed by the sequence of Spider-Man in the sewers - which is actually the reverse order of the theatrical cut. Furthermore, this splice job does not evidence the quality of the 3D in the film - even though it does capture some of the excellent score by James Horner. There are other differences here and there, but as far as trying to put together a movie from random bits, Sleepy Skunk has done a pretty good job.

The Amazing Spider-Man will be in theaters on July 3, 2012.

Source: Sleepyskunk (via Cinema Blend)

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