'The Amazing Spider-Man' International Banners Are Bright & Flashy

amazing spider-man movie poster

Warner Bros. has been hogging the spotlight of late (at least, when it concerns upcoming comic book movies) with its promotional campaign for The Dark Knight Rises. Meanwhile, Columbia Pictures has quietly gotten a steady buzz going for The Amazing Spider-Man, thanks to the release of a stylish teaser poster and some (unconfirmed) Lizard artwork that reveal the new Spidey flick's change in style and new antagonistic character.

A full-length Amazing Spider-Man theatrical trailer is expected to arrive in the near future, but for the time being, a trio of new international banners have been released in anticipation of director Marc Webb's Spider-Man franchise reboot.

Besides the promise that The Amazing Spider-Man will detail "the untold story" of Peter Parker (perhaps in reference to his biological parents, as was hinted at in the opening of the Amazing Spider-Man teaser trailer) the creative talent working behind-the-scenes on the Spider-Man reboot have been keen to emphasize that the project is indeed thematically darker, as well as more serious and down-to-earth overall in tone than Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movie trilogy. Previous statements on the matter have also touched on how The Amazing Spider-Man is indeed "more grounded" and has a more nuanced manner in which it goes about "reclaiming the poetry" of the titular superhero.

That's all to say: These international banners inexplicably abandon the whole "darker" aesthetic of the Amazing Spider-Man marketing/buzz building campaign, to date; instead, they're the kind of bright and flashy advertisements you might expect to see released for the Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark stage musical, rather than the former project.

Check them out below:


amazing spider-man movie poster

amazing spider-man movie banner

amazing spider man movie poster

Raimi's Spider-Man movies (with the exception of Spider-Man 3) are generally quite well-liked and with good reason; they manage to touch on the personal and emotional difficulties that Peter Parker must handle as a result of his choice to become a superhero, while also injecting some appropriately cartoony humor and stylized action into the mix. However, as much as they are revered for often feeling like a collection of old-fashioned comic book panels brought to cinematic life, Raimi's films have also been criticized for those same (cheesy? endearingly old-school) elements - not to mention, certain deviations from traditional Spider-Man comic book lore (ex. the "organic" webshooters, not having Gwen Stacy be Peter Parker's first girlfriend, etc.) that The Amazing Spider-Man, conversely, looks to retain.

There is certainly potential for The Amazing Spider-Man to feel like a relatively unique interpretation of Peter Parker's story that strikes a different (yet still successful) balance of humor and drama than Raimi's movies did. Whether or not it will actually manage that task remains to be seen...

The Amazing Spider-Man will be released in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: Columbia Pictures (via CBM)

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