'Amazing Spider-Man' Free Screenings; Cast Invading NYC for Spider-Man Week Events

Amazing Spider-Man - Title & Logo

Sony is pushing hard to promote their reboot tentpole film The Amazing Spider-Man - and with good reason. There are still plenty of moviegoers who are wondering why this reboot is re-telling the Spider-Man origin story already covered in Sam Raimi's 2002 film - even if it's being done in a slightly different fashion.

The more Amazing Spider-Man footage we've seen, the more we've come to anticipate the film - but apparently the studio wants word of mouth spreading like wildfire, so they've set up some opportunities for the general public to get involved in the world of Amazing Spider-Man, in order to build buzz among the casual moviegoing audience. Scroll down for a full list of details.

Amazing Spider-Man Free Screenings

The Amazing Spider-Man viral game has apparently come to an end, but the savvy Web surfers hanging out at the Unifiction forums managed to uncover one last goodie for Spidey fans: the announcement of some free ASM screenings to be held around the U.S., a day in advance of the film's official premiere.

To find out about the screenings, click on the image below; there you'll find a full list of the participating cities.

Amazing Spider-Man Advanced Screenings
  • All screenings will be held on Monday, July 2nd.
  • Screening locations will be announced on the day (July 2).
  • There will be 24 tickets per location, given out on a first come, first serve, basis.



What would Spider-Man be without the city of New York? The Big Apple is almost as crucial to the Spidey mythos as the red-and-blue costume or iconic spider-insignia. It's in that spirit that Sony will be literally bringing Spider-Man home, by hosting events all over NYC in the week leading up to the Amazing Spider-man premiere.

Amazing Spider-Man Week NYC Free Screenings

Cast members Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker/Spider-Man), Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy), Rhys Ifans (Curt Connors / The Lizard), Denis Leary (Captain Stacy) and director Marc Webb will all be on hand to kick off the week with a Today Show appearance and lighting of the Empire State Building in Spidey colors. There will be signings at a major comic shop, and even a bit of culture as Andrew Garfield donates a Spider specimen to the Museum of Natural History.

Other events scheduled for the week include:

  • Spidey-themed scavenger hunts for the kids.
  • Hospital visit from the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man (for the kids as well).
  • Discounts on Madame Tussauds' wax museum (which features the Marvel Superhero 4D experience).
  • Tours of locations used in making the film.
  • Sony store Discounts, events at various children's museum's around the city and much more!

If you're going to be in NYC between June 25th and July 1st (or if you're just that hardcore of a Spidey fan), you owe it to yourself to participate in the fun. Find a full calendar of the planned events over at the Spider-Man Week Official Site.


The Amazing Spider-Man will be in theaters on July 3, 2012.

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