'Amazing Spider-Man' Interviews: Marc Webb, Emma Stone & Rhys Ifans

Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man at Comic-Con 2011

In the midst of the madness that is Comic-Con, Screen Rants own Mike Eisenberg and I battled our way through the furious jungle of journalists at the press line for: Total Recall, Underworld: Awakening, Haywire, The Raven, Fright Night, 30 Minutes or Less, and The Amazing Spider-Man. Yes, seven movies at once, which can get a bit harried and chaotic, but can also be quite fun and lend itself to some nice quick chats with the talent.

The Amazing Spider-Man trailer was released shortly before the Con and fans were anxious to hear about the film, which appears to have a far darker tone than that of the Sam Raimi version. We have been particularly interested in the Spidey POV shots, which Webb addresses in our interview, along with his use of 3D in the film and his vision for Peter Parker as a more "punk-rock" outsider.

Emma Stone touches on her research for the role, what Andrew brings to the character of Spider-Man, and her role as Peter Parker's (first, if not only) soulmate.

The actress did try to sneak her way around the question about her participation in the more action-heavy sequences in the film; you may notice, however, that director Marc Webb does say that that they both, "spent quite a bit of time in harnesses and on wires." Going so far as to say that, "If the acting thing doesn't work out for Andrew (Garfield) he has a great career as a stunt man."

One character we have not seen much of yet is Rhys Ifans as The Lizard. The actor began our chat by describing his character as, "scaly, strong, big and sexy" but then went on to give us some insight into the development of his character, as well as the tone of the film. One of the more interesting aspects of his development is what he describes as "the reptilian and human sides of his nature" battling for dominance.

Take a look at our video interviews with Marc Webb, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans below:

Marc Webb  The Amazing Spider-Man Interview



Emma Stone The Amazing Spider-Man Interview



Rhys Ifans The Amazing Spider-Man Interview



The Amazing Spider-Man opens in theaters on July 3rd, 2012.

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