If you’re not a hardcore comic book fan, you might not know that ol’ Spidey has something in common with Batman, in that both heroes have a place where their multitude of foes get incarcerated and subjected to psychiatric study.

Granted, Arkham Asylum from the Batman universe is more well-known (in part thanks to a successful video game franchise bearing the name) – but the “Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane” will apparently be getting a PR boost soon, thanks to The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb is currently in production on the sequel film – and being social media savvy, Webb has consistently teased fans of both the comic books and movies by releasing strategic Twitter pics featuring looks behind the scenes, or in some cases, iconic visual images from the comic books.

Case in point – today’s image of Ravencroft:

Created by Doctor Ashley Kafka, Ravencroft was a place where super-criminals could be kept under lock and key – and also rehabilitated through treatment for their mental illnesses. It has housed iconic Spidey villains like Carnage, The Chameleon and The Jackal, and has included personnel like security chief John Jameson – son of newspaper owner (and Spidey-hater) J. Jonah Jameson.

The inclusion of Ravencroft certainly raises question about where we’ll find Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) in his crimefighting career at the start of Amazing Spider-Man 2. Time will clearly have passed, and the world will have had to adjust to the notion of super-powered beings fighting it out around NYC  – so a new type of prison would be fitting.


Spider Man Rogues Gallery 570x146 Amazing Spider Man 2 Director Reveals Villain Jail Set Piece

Of course, the real question fans are going to pondering is: Will we get to see some sweet cameos from a variety of Spider-Man rogues, all tucked snug into their cells? We know Jamie Foxx’s Electro will be a central focus – but the presence of Paul Giamatti’s Rhino has been less defined; just how many potential baddies could Spidey have put away since the first film? Are they tied to the mystery surrounding Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper)? And is Ravencroft where we’ll find that potential Venom suit or Goblin formula hinted at in one of Webb’s earlier tweets?

So many questions – but then that just speaks to the level of intrigue that Webb and Co. are building for this film. Hopefully the many, many, tidbits we’ve seen so far are being organized and handled in a way that still allows the movie to maintain a level of narrative and thematic focus. That is to say: hopefully it doesn’t suffer from Spider-Man 3 syndrome (read: grossly overstuffed).

What role do you think the Ravencroft Institute will play in the film? Any particular villains you’d love to see make a cameo?


The Amazing spider-Man 2 will be in theaters on May 2, 2014.

Source: Twitter

Header Image by Stephane Roux @ DeviantArt; Spidey Villains Banner Property of Marvel Comics

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