'Amazing Spider-Man' Merchandise Reveals Plot Details & The Lizard

Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider Man Poster

Between unofficial (but seemingly legitimate) conceptual artwork and a Pez dispenser representation, fans have been able to extrapolate what at least one stage of Dr. Curt Connors' (Rhys Ifans) Lizard mutation looks like in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man - without having seen an actual image of the character, that is.

Newly-unveiled toy tie-ins for the Spider-Man franchise revamping not only feature an official pic of The Lizard; they also seemingly confirm some rumored, semi-spoilery plot details concerning the battle(s) between the webslinger and his scaly opponent.

Idle Hands has gotten their... uh, hands on a pic of an Amazing Spider-Man toy remote control that offers a full-blown sneak peek at just what Ifans' CGI Lizard face looks like. It pretty much matches previously-released depictions of the character - who is also expected to undergo multiple mutations in the actual movie, possibly including that of more a true giant crocodile or komodo dragon (rather than just a "reptile man").

Check out said Lizard image below:


amazing spider man lizard toy


Several official Amazing Spider-Man tie-in Mega Bloks sets have also been unveiled and they are based on some of the big action set pieces in the film which pit Andrew Garfield as Spidey against Ifans as The Lizard. It goes without saying: if you want to head into this comic book flick without any knowledge about its action proceedings (or any possible plot spoilers) then you should stop reading now.








Among the Spider-Man/Lizard showdowns in The Amazing Spider-Man that are going to be represented in assembly-block toy form (tip of the hat to Bleeding Cool for these tidbits) are:

  • A battle that takes place in Connors' sewer-based laboratory.
  • The Manhattan Bridge-based fight that costar C. Thomas Howell previously alluded to in an interview.
  • A potentially climactic fight atop Oscorp Tower where Connors (as was previously rumored) transforms several S.W.A.T. team members into reptilian monsters. This sequence is reportedly partially based on "The Amazing Spider-Man" #121-122, which infamously featured the death of Gwen Stacy.

Some readers may recall that the big showdown between Spidey and the Green Goblin in director Sam Raimi's first Spider-Man movie was also (in part) influenced by those particular comic book issues - though, in Raimi's flick, the damsel-in-distress was Mary Jane, who was still alive and well by the end of the fight.

gwen stacy peter parker amazing spider man

Emma Stone has already revealed that she's contracted for multiple Amazing Spider-Man sequels, so it doesn't seem all that likely that Gwen Stacy will be kicking the bucket in the first film (unless the plan is for her to appear via flashbacks in later installments?) despite non-official indications that she might be killed by The Lizard.

On a different note: one can only hope that Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb finds a way to execute the climactic Spidey/Lizard battle so that it doesn't feel too similar (ie. a ripoff or uninventive retread) to the Spidey/Green Goblin battle in Raimi's Spider-Man flick. The addition of multiple Lizard-like creatures should help in that regard - not to mention, make for a more exciting and high-octane Spidey fight, since he won't simply be pitted against one deadly enemy, this time around.

We will see how it all goes down when The Amazing Spider-Man is released in theaters (2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D) around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: Idle Hands, Bleeding Cool

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