Spider-Man Reboot is 'The Amazing Spider-Man'; Official Costume Image

An official photo has been released of Andrew Garfield's complete costume in the Spider-Man reboot, which is now titled 'The Amazing Spider-Man.'

Amazing Spider-Man reboot sequel James Vanderbilt

Sony Pictures released the first image of Andrew Garfield in costume (sans his mask) for the Spider-Man reboot, now officially titled The Amazing Spider-Man, just over a month ago. Sony has released another photo now, that offers a better look at the webslinger's new duds in full - one that also comes with a more professional sheen (and is not the handiwork of devoted onlookers).

This new pic additionally provides a straightforward glance at Spidey's artificial web shooters - but not so much his glistening silver foot gear (for that, check out the set photos and pics from the reboot's Los Angeles shoot).

Director Marc Webb is currently right in the middle of principal photography on The Amazing Spider-Man, but that hasn't prevented anxious fans from eagerly lapping up every amateur photo or video taken of the production. Whether it's images of Garfield and Emma Stone as, respectively, Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy getting comfortable on the bleachers, or the blonde-haired gal attending a rainy funeral, the sheer number of pictures demonstrates just how much interest there is for the comic book flick.

So here at last is a complete look at the new and improved Spider-Man outfit in action - with headgear and all:

Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man costume

Spidey's non-spandex suit arguably looks more practical, yet stylish, than even Tobey Maguire's costume did back in director Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy. It has a very polished design overall, and although it may seem a bit too bright and colorful with the proper amount of exposure, the red and blue material looks to mesh well with the shadowy backdrop in this photo. Plus, and not to sound like a broken record, everything will look a lot darker when the film is viewed in 3D.

Check out an up close and personal view of Spidey's mask and web shooters below:

The Amazing Spider-Man movie mask
The Amazing Spider-Man artificial web shooters

What do you think of Garfield's costume so far?

The Amazing Spider-Man will swing into theaters in 2D and 3D on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: Sony Pictures

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