'Amazing Spider-Man' International Trailer: Dark, Epic & Subtitled

amazing spider man movie trailer

A lot of the naysay surrounding Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man reboot was (at least, briefly) silenced, following the premiere of a second official trailer and reports from an extended 3D theatrical preview that suggest this film is not only a worthy new spin on the iconic webslinger's origins - it just might be an epic enough comic book flick to hold its own against this summer's other blockbuster heavyweights.

That's not to say all the Amazing Spider-Man negative buzz has abated; it's still very much present, as evidenced by the ongoing complaints about Spidey's renovated suit, the Lizard's design, etc. All the same, more people are starting to agree: The Avengers looks to have some serious competition, as far as the unofficial contest for the title of "Marvel Superhero Movie of 2012" goes.

Today, we have an international trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man that's pretty much identical to its domestic counterpart (albeit, with subtitles and tidbits of additional footage). That is to say, it features all the same high-flying Spidey maneuvers, dark dramatic beats, and glimpses at the film's more noteworthy set pieces and 3D elements (ex. that collapsing tower shot near the end) that still look quite promising.

However, there is one significant bit of new footage in the international preview, and it highlights a promising character dynamic which was not present in previous Spider-Man movies: the clash of wills between Gwen Stacy's by-the-book, authoritative police officer father George (Denis Leary) and her boyfriend Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), who is determined to prove that his costumed alter-ego is more than merely a nobler breed of criminal.

See that and more in the international trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, below:



Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb is a newcomer to big-budget action filmmaking territory, but he seems to have done a nice job of delivering the requisite big thrills and spectacle without neglecting the character-oriented storyline at the heart of the film. Of course, any movie is a team effort, so kudos should also be given to the cast, technical crew, and screenwriters such as Steve Kloves (the Harry Potter series) for lending a helping hand - in the hopes of creating a final product which tells "an untold story" worth telling.

We shall see if their efforts pay off when The Amazing Spider-Man swings into 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.

Source: Sony Pictures International

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