'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Trailer Image Teases Venom & Morbius Easter Eggs

Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Venom

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer is the gift that just keeps on giving. Fan inspection of the trailer has already revealed two potential new villains to come in the franchise, with rumor pointing to even more teases that could be included in the sequel's post-credits sequence.

The Spidey movie universe scavenger has continued - and once again some big, geeky discoveries were made. At this point we're getting into so many potential future developments for the Amazing Spider-Man franchise, that you may want to consider the following POTENTIAL SPOILERS.





There's a scene from the trailer in which Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) is showing Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) some confidential material on Oscorp's Star Trek-style console. One fan got a screenshot of that console and blew it up (literally and figuratively), thereby exposing a whole mess of secrets:


Amazing Spider-Man 2 Morbius Venom Easter Eggs


Lot of stuff in there - here are some of the major stuff:

  • Dr. Morbius is mentioned - as in Morbius the Living Vampire, a foe of Spider-Man and Marvel anti-hero.
  • Venom Storage is mentioned - as in the character Venom, long rumored to be getting spinoff film.

There's much more to pick through - Curt Connors is mentioned once again, The Ravencroft Institute (and its potential ties to Oscorp) is highlighted, exoskeleton mentions, etc...

At this point it's no secret that a Spider-Man movie universe is about to blow wide open; the only hope is that it's done right. Right now a fair portion of the fandom is hesitant; they weren't impressed with the first film, and re-imagined ideas like a "Transformer Rhino" and a curious-looking Goblin character aren't swaying them on the second film; so the skepticism remains.

Then again: we're getting an entire Spider-Man universe, a return to a classic costume, and a quality Spider-Man (Garfield) at the center of it all. That's something to be happy about. The Ultimate Spider-Man universe seems to be the underlying guide for this new take on the film franchise, and truthfully, the re-imaginings of the Ultimate continuity help to ground what is essentially a pretty outlandish character and rogues gallery.

Even so, director Marc Webb and Co. do have a ways to go to sell these superpowered villains in compelling fashion - before we ever get to Venom or Morbius or Spider-Island or anything in between. Not saying it can't all be done; just saying we want to see it done right. What "right" is when it comes to a living vampire? Who can say at this point...


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters on May 2, 2014.

Source: Hat tip to our reader "Jonathan" for the heads up!

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