3 Clips from 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Tease the Upcoming Trailer Release

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer preview

Last time we saw Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), he was still adjusting to his superhero responsibilities, but was already starting to buck on the promise that he made to the recently-deceased Captain Stacy: to keep the latter's daughter Gwen (Emma Stone) out of Pete's difficult - and increasingly dangerous - life. With the great power of teenage hormones comes great responsibility, as the saying goes (or something like that).

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 picks up as Pete and Gwen are eagerly looking forward to their graduation from high school, unaware that the freedom of being a legal adult has its own fine print. Meanwhile, Pete's superhero duties are complicated by the re-emergence of an old friend named Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), whose ailing father - and the shady head of Oscorp Industries - Norman (Chris Cooper) knows a thing or two about the sinister truth of what happened to Pete's biological parents so long ago.

In addition, our hero gets a hard lesson about the darker side of fame, when a troubled fan named Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx) gains super-powers, which allow him to unleash years of pent-up anger and frustration through his newfound ability to control electricity. Foxx as Electro is expected to be the focus of the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer (much like he has been in the film's marketing to date), but even though he's the sequel's central antagonist, Mr. Dillon probably won't be the only super villain who makes an appearance in the first theatrical preview...

Of course, just because Pete has a slew of new enemies knocking at his door - that includes the bad-tempered Russian Mafia enforcer Aleksei Sytsevich (Paul Giamatti) - that doesn't mean he is without any free time to practice his web-swinging, as he does throughout the 3 international teasers for the fast-approaching trailer launch (one of which features the Oscorp Tower looming ominously in the background).

Not only does Pete get to show off his spiffy tweaked Spidey outfit here, but we also get a short - okay, very short - glimpse at the cinematography (see: when Spidey goes sky-diving), which suggests that director Marc Webb has improved at using unobtrusive, yet effective 3D filmmaking techniques after his experience making the first Amazing Spider-Man movie. It should also be interesting to see what difference (if any discernible one) Webb's decision to not shoot the sequel in digital makes, as far as the visuals in the final movie go.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer preview

One last thing to note: these clips - which were clearly designed to be dropped online one day at a time leading up to the Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer premiere - include the Rise of Electro subtitle we've been hearing about, but it remains to be seen if Sony decides to adapt that subtitle for the U.S. release sometime over the next six months of marketing.

Heck, every other superhero's movie sequel gets a subtitle nowadays (see: Thor: The Dark World, X-Men: Days of Future Past, etc.), so it's only fair that Pete not be excluded, right?


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings into theaters on May 2nd, 2014.

Source: Sony International

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