SR Geek Picks: 'Mad Men' Without Smoking, Muppet Star Wars Auditions & More


The Muppets Try Out For Star Wars

The muppets try out playing Yoda....


ARROW After Show - Season 2 Episode 7

John, Ann and Kaori break down and discuss ARROW Season 2 Episode 7, recorded Wednesday November 20th 2013.


Xbox One - Nerdy Jobs with Matt Bennett

Join Matt Bennett as he takes you behind the scenes of some of the coolest Nerdy Jobs on the planet. This episode Matt goes deep into the R&D division of Microsoft's Xbox One.


BAMF GIRLS CLUB (Ep. 13): "Doctor Who"

The BAMF Girls get an unexpected visitor in the form of a certain Doctor! Is he looking for a new Companion? Or will he get back in his TARDIS and escape their BAMFyness?


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