UPDATED: Check out the full extended Super Bowl trailer above!

Given The Avengers‘ $1.5 billion success in the global ticket sales and Phase 2 in full effect, with both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy set for release this year, sometimes it seems like Spider-Man has taken a back seat to Marvel Studios’ core superhero team. Ever since it was first announced, after Sony cancelled Spider-Man 4, Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man series has faced an uphill battle – tasked with telling an “untold” story just five years after director Sam Raimi concluded his critically acclaimed trilogy.

Despite the controversy (and complaints about the costume), The Amazing Spider-Man went on to gross over $700 million at the global box office – ensuring that Sony would continue to explore this new take on the web-slinging hero. As a result, the pressure was on for Webb to deliver in his follow-up, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which promises Peter Parker’s “Greatest Battle Begins” with the introduction of, not just one super villain, but the makings of a Sinister Six team-up (and a solo Venom movie). Now, thanks to Super Bowl Sunday, we’ve got our first glimpse at new Amazing Spider-Man 2 footage – including a better look at some of the “sinister” villains.

Amazing Spider Man 2 Super Bowl Trailer The Amazing Spider Man 2 Super Bowl Trailer: Time to Pay the Price

Earlier this week, Sony released Part 1 of the Super Bowl teaser trailer:

As that teaser made clear, it was not the entire Super Bowl trailer – meaning that the studio saved a small chunk to debut during the actual game, which you can now check out below:

In fact, most of the footage in this spot will already be familiar to fans who have seen the prior theatrical trailers and official images – e.g. Rhino’s Transformer-like helmet and foot stomp, Spidey slinging his way through an electric field, and ominous shots of Dane DeHaan as Harry Osbourne (and Green Goblin). Still, the 3:50 version does give us a few different glimpses to pore over.

Electro (Jamie Foxx) sets the stage for what fans can expect from the film’s story – asserting that there are consequences to Spider-Man’s heroism and that the time has come for Peter Parker to pay that price. Longtime fans of the series will likely have some idea of what that could mean; still, how it will all play out remains a mystery (at this point).

Obviously, the most noticeable piece of new video is Spider-Man’s highflying rescue of Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) – leading into a cliffhanger ending that will have longtime fans buzzing.

Amazing Spider Man 2 Super Bowl Trailer Gwen Stacy Death The Amazing Spider Man 2 Super Bowl Trailer: Time to Pay the Price

NOTE: The rest of this post contains potential MAJOR SPOILERS for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. If you do not want to be SPOILED click away now.

Fans are quickly assuming that the scene featured at the end of this teaser trailer was part of the scene that would feature the infamous death of Gwen Stacy. While that’s certainly a possibility, this could also be an attempt to make even the most die-hard Spider-Man fans assume they know “what comes next” only to be wowed by an eye-popping rescue. A rescue that would, sadly, only prolong the inevitable.

Update: In the meantime, enjoy these quick snapshots of the Green Goblin, as shown in the teaser (courtesy of reader “Michael J.”): 

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in U.S. theaters on May 2nd, 2014, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man 3 on June 10th, 2016, and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 (or one of the spinoff films) on May 4th, 2018. Venom and Sinister Six do not currently have official release dates.

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