'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Extended Footage Spoilers: The Big Reveals

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A special Amazing Spider-Man 2 extended preview event was held for NYC film journalists today, in coordination with the release of a new Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer (which you can watch on the next page). In addition to the new 3D trailer, we were treated to additional 3D footage from the film – including the opening 15 minutes, which revealed quite a bit about how this sequel will be very different from its predecessor.

On the following page we'll discuss some of the big SPOILERS we saw in the footage, what they mean for fans, and whether or not these developments will change the overall perception of what Amazing Spider-Man 2 is all about. TAKE NOTE: Director Marc Webb was in attendance, and made it clear that while we did get to see some surprises of the plot, characters, and storyline, it could all be considered MILD SPOILERS, at this point.




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