Director Marc Webb Tweets Glimpse of New Mask in 'Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Marc Webb Tweets Spider-Man Mask Glimpse

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is starting to look like one of the bigger superhero movie sequels currently in production. There have been reports of (potentially) numerous villains, including Electro (confirmed), Rhino (confirmed), and Venom (hinted at), and rumors of an entirely new costume for everyone's favorite webslinger.

Speaking of new costumes, director Marc Webb has been tweeting interesting behind the scenes images related to The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and today he tweeted a video that featured a glimpse of a mask from the forthcoming film. The question is, whose mask is it?

Check out the tweet below:

— Marc Webb (@MarcW) February 14, 2013

If you follow the link above and check out the video, you'll see a momentary glimpse of what appears to be a lens from a superhero mask (not unlike, say, Spider-Man's).


Amazing Spider-Man 2 Mask Lens


Obviously, it's not an extremely revealing image, but it's fodder for interesting discussion regardless. So again, the question is: Who does this mask belong to?

Probably the most obvious answer: Spider-Man. After all, the way in which the lens sort of curls at the rightmost corner very much resembles the classic Spider-Man mask from the comic books (as opposed to The Amazing Spider-Man's straight-edge lenses). And since some fans complained that The Amazing Spider-Man film's costume wasn't nearly similar enough to the classic costume, might this be a sign that the filmmakers are appeasing said fans?

Amazing Spider-Man Classic Costume

Furthermore, Marc Webb recently tweeted that the new Spider-Man costume would have "bigger eyes" and "gnarly webshooters" (whatever that means). It's hard to tell how big this lens is on a black backdrop with nothing to compare it to, but Webb's admission that new lenses would be in play could mean that the one above belongs to Spidey.

But there are other options, too. For example:


Venom: Kofi recently went into some detail putting together a theory about how Harry Osborn - played by Dane DeHaan in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - might be on the road to becoming Venom. So is it possible that the lens belongs to him?

Flash Thompson as Venom

The way that the lens is depicted over a black backdop certainly recalls the black Spider-Man costume from the comics (which, of course, eventually became the Venom costume).

While the prevailing wisdom suggests that there probably won't be enough time to tell much (if any) of the Venom story in ASM2 - what with all the new villains and a (potential) new romantic interest in Mary Jane Watson - that doesn't mean we won't see Venom merely introduced at some point. It wouldn't be a complete shock if the post-credits sequence showed Harry Osborn "suiting up" as Venom.


The Black Cat: Some have speculated that the recently cast Felicity Jones might be playing The Black Cat, A.K.A. Felicia Hardy, in ASM2. If that's true - and chances are it's not (because really, where would they fit her?) - could the mask belong to her?

The Black Cat's mask in the comic books is basically just a black outline around her eyes (see below), so if the lens does belong to The Black Cat, Marc Webb has gone and changed her look for the big screen. Cue fan outrage.

Black Cat in Amazing Spider-Man 2

Then again, people might just be connecting Felicity Jones to Black Cat because her name is kind of similar to Felicia Hardy. (Kind of.)


Ultimately, I think the simplest answer is most likely the correct one (Occam's Razor and what have you) and the lens is a part of Spider-Man's new mask. Now that the movie's in production, it probably won't be too long before set photos start popping up showcasing star Andrew Garfield in the new Spider-Man costume, much as they did when ASM was filming in 2011, and then we can know for sure.

What do you think, Screen Ranters? Do you think the mask is Spider-Man's, Venom's, Black Cat's, or someone else's entirely? Let us know in the comments.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters May 2nd, 2014.


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Source: Marc Webb's Twitter

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