You and Felicity Jones are both kind of taking off right now, career-wise,  can you talk about working with her in the film?

Dane DeHaan: I think Felicity is a really kind, talented person. When I saw her in ‘Like Crazy’ I just thought she was so amazing. So I was really excited when she was cast in this.

Can you tell me anything about your two characters and your interactions?  Let me just preface this by saying she already said she is your love interest in this [film].

Dane DeHaan: Well Harry is a big womanizer you know so anybody that thinks they’re Harry’s love interest is wrong if she said that! [Laughs]

Well not to get her into trouble, but she actually said she’s “the Goblin’s girlfriend.”

Dane DeHaan: The Goblin’s girlfriend? That’s gross if she’s dating the Goblin, that’s disgusting. Not to judge… [Smiles]

Venom Number 14 Locker in Amazing Spider Man 2 570x379 Amazing Spider Man 2: Dane DeHaan On Hipster Harry Osborn & Avoiding Spoilers

What’s in locker 14? [Marc Webb] tweeted something on your birthday, a picture, a locker…

Dane DeHaan: oh I don’t know what that was. [Grins] You know what Andrew [Garfield] said earlier: he was like, ‘remember when people saw The Sixth Sense? And remember like at the end of ‘The Sixth Sense’…. wasn’t that awesome? When no one knew what was going to happen?’’

BONUS: Want more? Here’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb discussing the film with our own Amy Nicholson:

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be in theaters on May 2, 2014.

Be sure to check out more of what we learned at Comic-Con 2013. And listen to the SR Editors discuss things in-depth in the Comic-Con Episode of the SR Underground Podcast.

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