New 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Featurette Web-Slings Through IMAX

What could make Peter Parker's adventures in Sony's upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 even more amazing? All the bells, whistles, and exhilarating motion sickness of an IMAX presentation, of course, all of which provide the primary focus of the above featurette. Unlike previous clips, which have focused more on star Andrew Garfield's approach to bringing Parker to life as a human being and as a hero on the big screen, this latest slice of promo content specifically touches on why the union between Spider-Man and IMAX 3D makes so much blockbusting sense.

There's also the requisite talk about the film's background - story and plot are mentioned in lighter shades of discussion, which is all part and parcel of any studio marketing campaign. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 sees our friendly neighborhood web-slinger at the full height of his powers, catapulting himself around New York City's skylines as he balances his time between fighting crime and gallivanting with his bonnie lass, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone).

Seems like a fairly awesome way to live one's life, though if he's suffering a crisis of conscious about the promise made at the end of the last movie, it doesn't show. (At least not in the countless trailers we've seen for the film.) The kid lives to be Spider-Man, so says producer Matthew Tolmach (alongside Avi Arad); this movie is about a Spider-Man who has fully grown into his role as a superhero, and embraced his abilities to the fullest extent - something that we've seen in action across multiple teasers already.

But Tolmach, Arad, and director Marc Webb don't simply talk about their vision for Spider-Man's continued journey; they're much more excited about the synergies shared between the IMAX format and the film's high-flying bent. According to Webb, the immersive experience of watching IMAX - something he describes as being fundamentally physiological - makes for a great fit with Spider-Man as a character.

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And why wouldn't it? Spider-Man gets to soar over and vault off of buildings, and with the greatest of ease, to boot; IMAX just lets the audience live the sensation of being right there with him, to paraphrase Tolmach's own sentiment. If you're going to see the movie - and that this point, early reviews aside, you know whether or not you're buying a ticket already - then it seems like there's really no better way to see it than in IMAX.

With all of the tangential hubbub surrounding the film thanks to whispers and murmurs about the rise of the Sinister Six (which, frankly, are way more substantial than that), it's nice to see preview content on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 come back around to the movie itself. You're not going to see any new footage here - not that you may want to at this point - but that's okay, because the shop-talk makes a nice diversion from the usual as the movie's US premiere looms large.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens in the US on May 2nd, 2014.

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