Amanda Tapping Says Stargate SG-1 Movie Is A Go

A few weeks back, I was rummaging around IMDB (The Internet Movie Database) working on a small task and I noticed something very interesting.  Actors Amanda Tapping, Richard Dean Anderson and Michael Shanks all have an "Untitled Stargate: SG-1 Project" in their credits.

Now mind you, IMDB isn't the end all to all information but it's a pretty decent start to most news.

So I had been wondering about this in the back of my mind because I thought the projects, though approved, were put on hold.  Then I came across a tidbit on Sci Fi Wire where Amanda Tapping says that a new Stargate SG-1 movie could start getting underway as soon as Stargate Universe filming comes to a close.Martin Wood is slated to direct with Carl Binder and Brad Wright writing (Per IMDB).

The last time we heard about the Stargate movies around a month ago, the strength, or lack thereof with the DVD market was weighing in on their decision on whether or not to move ahead with these projects. But the news about the newest Stargate SG-1 movie getting the green light is great news.

They must have heard the fans clamoring for more and now I find myself looking forward to when the next Stargate Atlantis film might get underway as well! Sorry... getting greedy.

Sources:  Sci Fi Wire, IMDB, Cinema Static

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