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An alternate version of Wonder Woman's famed boat scene has surfaced online. The movie, directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot as the eponymous character, took the world by storm when it hit theaters earlier this summer. As the fourth installment in the burgeoning DC Extended Universe as well as the first female-led superhero movie of this scale, Wonder Woman was under a lot of pressure to succeed. It not only surpassed critical expectations but also became a force to be reckoned with at the worldwide box office, having blown past the $800 million mark.

So far, Warner Bros.' new comic book universe has been plagued with editing issues, particularly with regard to numerous scenes ending up on the cutting room floor. This is evidenced by the Batman V Superman ultimate cut and all the scenes featuring Jared Leto's Joker that had been left out of the final cut for Suicide Squad. Of course, the studio's newly-formed DC Films division aimed to avoid such issues with Wonder Woman, which is why Jenkins has said that not one scene was cut from the film, though she did have some trouble getting the studio to keep some of those scenes. Although Jenkins was able to get every scene she wanted into the movie, that doesn't mean there weren't alternate versions of those clips.

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Wonder Woman has already released digitally and it will be hitting home video next week. Ahead of the movie's Blu-ray/DVD release, Warner Bros. has provided EW with an alternate version of the movie's famed boat scene, featuring Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman and Chris Pine's Steve Trevor. You can click on the link below and head over to EW to watch the clip.

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The movie was filled with joyful moments shared between the actor and actress, but one of the more memorable scenes was the boat scene, in which Diana explains how she was brought to life (Queen Hippolyta sculpted her from clay and Zeus gave her life), while also discussing the pleasures of the flesh as well as human reproduction. It was clearly an awkward conversation between the two characters, at least on Steve's side of the discussion, and audiences loved every moment of it. Although the alternate scene maintains the base conversation as the scene that ended up in the movie's final cut, one noticeable difference is that Steve is looking for food in the new scene instead of setting up a bed for Diana.

Unfortunately, due to the circumstances surrounding the film's ending, as well as the time difference between the first movie (set during WWI) and Wonder Woman 2 (set during the 1980s), it's unlikely, though still possible (this is a comic book movie, after all), that Steve Trevor can make a comeback in the sequel. However, if Steve doesn't return for the next installment, fans will undoubtedly be missing the joyous banter between him and Diana Prince, as well as between Pine and Gadot.

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Source: EW

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