10 Best Spider-Men NOT In The Spider-Verse Movie

toei japanese spider-man Takuya Yamashiro

Toei's Spider-Man (Earth-51778)

There are certainly some strange versions of Spider-Man on this list, but no version is as wacky as the Spider-Man from Toei’s 1970s Japanese TV show. In this version, motorcycle racer Takuya Yamashiro gains his spider-powers after he receives a blood transfusion from an alien of Spider Planet. His costume, called Spider-Protector, is kept inside his Spider-Bracelet, which is worn on his left hand and also functions as a web shooter. In addition to his powers and gadgets, Toei’s Spider-Man uses a giant robot called the Leopardon to fight the alien invaders of the Iron Cross Army.

Basically, Toei’s Spider-Man has more in common with the Power Rangers than it the Marvel web-slinger (which makes sense when considering Toei created Super Sentai, the basis for Power Rangers), but that doesn’t mean Takuya is any less of a Spider-Man. He officially joined the Marvel universe with a brief appearance during the “Spider-Verse” event in Amazing Spider-Man #12.

The Spider (Earth-311)

Spider-Man 1602

In this universe, Marvel's heroes and villains first appear during the early 17th century. This includes the young Peter Parquagh, apprentice to Queen Elizabeth’s spymaster, Sir Nicholas Fury, who he accompanies to the new world. While there, Peter is bitten by a spider and develops strange powers, eventually taking up the identity of the Spider to protect the people of Roanoke Island from the evil schemes of Norman Osborne. His costume reflects the times, appearing in a clearly Elizabethan style with the colors and webbing of the classic Spidey costume. After Osborne’s defeat, Peter returns to England, where he continues to operate as the Spider and joins up with a troupe of actors, meeting and falling love with a Marion Jane Watson.

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Renew Your Vows Spider-Man (Earth-18199)

renew your vows spider-man mary jane peter annie parker

The Peter Parker of this Earth experiences what so many of his counterparts never do - a happy marriage with Mary Jane and the joy of raising their daughter, Annie. This Peter even retires from being Spider-Man so he can focus on raising his daughter, but it doesn’t last long, and eventually he must again take up his role as Spider-Man in order to protect his family.

Soon after, MJ and Annie actually join Peter in the field as Annie’s own spider-powers develop. Peter even creates an exoskeleton suit for Mary Jane that allows her to share his powers. This way, both Peter and MJ look out for their daughter as she takes her first steps at being a superhero. It’s an interesting spin on the superhero family, and one that finally lets Peter share the Spider-Man part of his life with his wife and daughter.

Lady-Spider (Earth-803)

May Reilly (better known to most web-heads as Aunt May) doesn’t gain any powers when she’s bitten by a spider in her father’s study, but the moment makes her realize that she too is a prisoner, just like the spider. Instead of a cage, May is held captive by the customs and societal norms of her Victorian-era upbringing, and following her father’s death, she vows to never let herself be “caged” again. May creates her own web-shooters as well as a set of steampunk spider-legs that allow her to move with the agility an actual spider.

"Golden Sponge Cakes" Spider-Man (Earth-51914)

golden sponge cakes spider-man hostess

On a list which includes a Spider-Man that’s actually Doc Ock and another that’s a hive-mind of a thousands spiders, you’d think it couldn’t get any weirder. But you’d be wrong. On Earth-51914 - the universe for the Hostess ads seen in Marvel Comics during the 1970s and 1980s - there exists a Spider-Man who defeats his enemies with Twinkies Golden Sponge Cakes. Seriously.

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