141947 - First Contact

An Alien From Independence Day

Most of the pre-1996 history in this universe aligns with the events we are familiar with in real world history, with one notable exception. The aliens had been conducting frequent scouting missions to Earth to examine our civilization and abduct humans for medical investigation prior to a

full invasion.

One such mission goes to New Mexico on July 4th, 1946, likely drawn in by signs of the nuclear testing that had been conducted there. During the mission, the orbiting carrier ship suddenly jumps away from Earth to avoid detection. Upon losing connection to the parent carrier, the scout ship crashes near Roswell, killing two of the three alien passengers. The United States military is quick to the site, taking the ship and the aliens to Area 51, where experiments are conducted on the surviving alien until it dies a few weeks later.

Records of this incident and the studies conducted over the following years are kept strictly under wraps, existing even outside the President’s purview, for the next 50 years. 

Independence Day: Aliens in Tanks in Area 51
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