Altered Carbon Season 2: 10 Things That Can Happen According To The Book

Altered Carbon is returning for a second season - but what is likely to happen, based on the books?

The new season of Altered Carbon will draw its narrative from Richard K. Morgan’s book Broken Angels. This takes place three decades after the narrative in Morgan’s first compelling novel on which the first series was based. The exciting storyline sees Kovacs’ consciousness transported to a different planet, where he becomes involved with a new uprising.

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While there are some things which are too costly to reproduce from the book, such as a huge alien spaceship and nuclear explosions – here are ten things which viewers can expect from Season 2, according to Broken Angels:

10 New Frontiers Discovered

The new book presents many opportunities to explore new timelines, both from the future and the past, and viewers can expect to journey even further in the shoes of Takeshi Kovacs. Time travel is not the question: rather, to when and where can fans expect to travel?

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Fans will already be familiar with adventuring with Takeshi as in Season 1, he made a noteworthy journey across nearly three centuries. Season 2 will take this journey a step further as even greater and more prolific places and timelines are revealed.

9 An Expansion Of Cyberpunk

Altered Carbon Season 2 will, as its first series counterpart, be drenched in Cyberpunk themes and ideas. This means that there will be even more brilliant facets of the expansive universe revealed to viewers, such as flying cars and clone concepts.

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While the first season did explore the world which Poe, Takeshi and the others are set loose in, Season 2 will go deeper into this world, exploring aspects of cyberpunk already introduced in the first season and expanding on these.

8 Quellcrest Returns

Remember Quellcrest Falconer? With a name like that and a reputation to follow, it’s not hard to see why fans would be excited to hear about news of her return. In Season 2, the stage has been set for the return of Quellcrest into Takeshi’s life. While in Season 1, viewers watched the leader of the Envoys and the inventor of Stack Technology experience what was perceived as ‘real death’, Season 2 sheds some interesting light on these events of Season 1. Will she return fully or just in memories and visions of Takeshi?

7 Takeshi's Story Unveiled

Throughout Season One, fans were shown snippets of Takeshi’s back story and given glimpses into his past. This made for some interesting viewing. Season 2 will see further unveiling of Takeshi’s mysterious past. Viewers in the new Netflix season of Altered Carbon are guaranteed to receive more insight into the courageous protagonist and with this insight will come understanding into his motives and chosen course of action. As Broken Angels reveals, increased revelation will be given into the complex character who has captured hearts and imaginations across the world.

6 Stack Technology In The Spotlight

Ok, so Stack Technology is revolutionary. It took a relatively prominent position in Season 1. In Season 2 the spotlight will continue to shine on this technology, this time, showing its less favorable qualities.

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The benefits might be endless, as ‘they’ would have you believe, but there are many negative effects. For example, what are the psychological repercussions of children growing up with parents in different sleeves? While supporters of this new technology boast about its ability to evade death, there appear certain sinister repercussions of its use – such as its effects on humanity… sounds like some interesting viewing.

5 To Infinity & Beyond

Most of the First Season took place in Bay City (and its air space). However, Season 2 will satisfy the inner voyager in fans. How many planets have humanity successfully colonized, and if there is life on other planets, what is it like?

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The world of Altered Carbon is a vast one and Takeshi seems to be unlimited in his endeavors to reach new frontiers. Still, viewers might ask, how far has humanity really managed to pioneer in its efforts to reach the ‘end’ of the known universe?

4 Class Struggles Explored

As with any society, this techno-savvy society in which Takeshi exists is not immune to class struggles. The rich can afford relevant ‘sleeves’, but not the poorer of society. This is a struggle which is brought into the spotlight in Season 1 and which will be developed more fully in Season 2. In Season 1, a young girl is killed and her parents can only afford a sleeve much older than themselves for her, which means she is not able to run around as a young six-year-old. An issue she would not have had had she been from a higher societal class.

3 Poe Makes A Comeback

It is expected that Poe will make a re-entrance in Season 2. The last time viewers saw him was when he gave his last virtual breath. Fans have questions about his return. It isn’t unlikely that he has a back-up stored somewhere, as this idea seems to be one which has been developed throughout the series. But viewers can expect an awfully big Poe surprise! It looks like he will find a way to crawl his way out of the existential recycle bin...

2 Intertwined Stories

While Season 1 might have made viewers believe Quellcrest had been laid to rest, Season 2 will reveal the extent to which Quellcrest and Takeshi’s stories are intertwined and will show the lengths Takeshi will go to get to the heart of the mystery and be reunited with the woman who started it all. The genius of the greater narrative of Morgan's books and the care to which the narrative has been interwoven and thought out will be more fully revealed in Season 2.

1 A 30-year Time Jump

The second book Morgan’s trilogy, Broken Angels, features a 30-year time leap. This means an overall shift in the series’ timeframe and some things for fans to adjust to as the series gets rolling. This 30-year jump should make for some interesting viewing, together with other exciting features and concepts in the show which have enthralled viewers, such as the setting of the series in a world where one can clone or 3D print actual people.

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