Altered Carbon May Include Game of Thrones Easter Egg

It seems like the Seven Kingdoms and Bay City could be eerily connected as Altered Carbon drops massive Game of Thrones Easter Egg before our eyes.

Our newest bingeable addiction, Laeta Kalogridis's Altered Carbon takes viewers to the year 2384, where tough guy mercenary Takeshi Kovacs wakes up 250 years after he was brutally gunned down. However, with the human body serving only as a "sleeve," your consciousness can live on in a new form when uploaded to discs known as "stacks." Kovacs finds his stack in the body of Bay City cop Elias Ryker and is brought back to solve a gruesome murder. While it may seem like a struggle to link medieval battles with dragons and knights to a Blade Runner-esque future, it looks like Netflix has done it.

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Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that episode 3 'In a Lonely Place' features a very subtle nod to Westeros. If you look hard enough, you may spot the Seven-Pointed Star, a mythical symbol in Westerosi religion to worship the New Gods. As Miss Prescott visits the police station in the third episode, the symbol can be seen above her in a stained glass window:

Altered Carbon Game of Thrones

Redditor Ks427236 was the one who made the find, while the same post unearthed that you might be able to hear Westworld's 'Reverie' in the same episode. As for the Seven-Pointed Star, it is effectively the bible for the Faith of the Seven in Thrones and a religious symbol that has been shown throughout the show's run. Featuring majorly as part of the High Sparrow plot from season 6, the star notably hung above the Throne Room - until Cersei Lannister replaced it with her family sigil in the season 7 premiere. Of course, Altered Carbon could just be using your standard heptagram as a religious image, but it is more interesting to think of it as a subtle nod to George R.R. Martin's world.

It is also interesting to note that the Game of Thrones connections don't end with a Seven-Pointed Star. Although he didn't direct 'In a Lonely Place', Game of Thrones director Miquel Sapochnik did direct the pilot of Altered Carbon. For those who don't know, Sapochnik has helmed six episodes of the fantasy epic including huge episodes like 'Battle of the Bastards' and 'Hardhome.' As one of the best-loved Thrones directors, Sapochnik will direct one episode in season 8 to help wind the show to a climactic end.

While many would love a Cloverfield-style reveal that Altered Carbon is actually one of the Thrones spin-offs, this just isn't the case. Work on the rumored five new pilots won't begin until after the main show wraps in 2019 and all are expected to be prequels.We've already seen the gritty trailer that imagines if Game of Thrones was set in the modern day, but HBO has sadly confirmed that Game of Thrones will never be remade. However, just imagine the consciousness of a deceased Cersei Lannister being transferred into a new body and taking over all of Bay City with her political prowess. We're just going to have that park this one in the "that would be cool" pile for now.

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Source: Ks427236

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