'Alphas' Adds Guest Stars Summer Glau & Brent Spiner, 'Warehouse 13' Crossover

Syfy's 'Alphas' is getting some well-known guest stars, including Summer Glau, Brent Spiner and Lindsay Wagner, who will reprise her 'Warehouse 13' role for the show's first crossover.

Syfy's take on plainclothes superheroes, Alphas, is off to a decent start, but the network wants to keep the hits coming with some high-profile guest stars. And like Eureka before it, the show is hoping to get a boost from a crossover with the popular Warehouse 13.

Angel, Firefly and Terninator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles veteran Summer Glau will add her talents to Alphas when she makes a guest appearance on the August 22nd episode. Brent Spiner, better known to Trekkies as Lt. Commander Data, will appear in the September 12th episode, along with Lost regular Rebecca Mader.

Perhaps most exciting for fans of Syfy's ever-expanding shared fictional universe: Lindsay Wagner of Warehouse 13 will appear on the August 15th episode of Alphas. She'll be playing Vanessa Calder, a recurring Warehouse physician who's aided the team in seasons two and three. The original Bionic Woman may precede more crossovers if Alphas is renewed for a second season, as Syfy continues to cross Warehouse 13 and Eureka characters with regularity.

The casting choices are smart for a science fiction show trying to find its feet. NBC's superhero saga Heroes pulled similar moves, casting Star Trek legends George Takei and Nichelle Nichols in guest roles, among others.

lindsay wagner warehouse 13 alphas

Lindsay Wagner will reprise her Warehouse 13 role for Alphas.

What's more interesting is Syfy's continuing crossovers. This latest shared character means that all three of the network's present-day dramas exist in the same universe, even though they each have vastly different tones and focuses.

With Stargate well and truly dead, it seems almost like Syfy is building a new franchise on the consignment plan, with Warehouse 13 forming the center. Don't forget that plans are in motion for a potential spinoff already, with Jaime "H.G. Wells" Murray taking the reigns of a possible Warehouse 12.

Alphas scored 2.5 million viewers for its series debut a month ago, with ratings holding steady since then. It's an excellent start for the series, which is trailing only slightly behind Warehouse 13 and Eureka.


Alphas airs Monday nights at 10PM on Syfy.

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