'Aloha' Trailer: Emma Stone is Bradley Cooper's Second Chance

Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone in Aloha

Bradley Cooper's currently in the running for this year's Best Actor Oscar for his performance in Clint Eastwood's American Sniper, which obliterated multiple box office records last month. The actor's next major project - writer/director Cameron Crowe's Aloha - will feature him in his more traditional charismatic and handsome form, as you can see by watching the first trailer for the movie, above.

Aloha, which originated as a script by Crowe titled Deep Tiki, stars Cooper as Brian Gilcrest: a disgraced U.S. weapons consultant who, being down on his luck, agrees to take a job at a small military base in Hawaii. There, Brian not only works alongside an Air Force watch dog (Emma Stone) determined to see him achieve greatness once again, but also rekindles ties with his long-lost love (Rachel McAdams) - in the hope that he will finally be able to leave the past where it belongs and move forward.

If the setup presented in the trailer for Aloha - a fellow seeks a fresh start in life with help from a cheery younger woman and his eccentric friends - seems familiar, that is probably because it's a recycling of plot beats and character types from several of Crowe's previous films (Jerry Maguire, Elizabethtown, We Bought a Zoo) - right down to the scene of Alec Baldwin berating the protagonist for his failings.

In other words: if his past movies haven't convinced you to jump onboard the Crowe bandwagon already, then this new one probably won't either. That said, the filmmaker certainly has his fans; and though his projects tend to rehash the same premise, what sets apart something like Elizabethtown (a critical dud) from We Bought a Zoo (which was better-received) or Jerry Maguire (generally beloved) is often the casting - something that bodes well in Aloha's favor. And, of course, all Crowe films have terrific soundtracks.

Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone in Aloha

Cooper and Stone looks to make for a likable pair of romantic comedy leads in Aloha, while the supporting cast is equally capable. Besides McAdams and Baldwin, the acting ensemble includes Bill Murray, Danny McBride, John Krasinski, and Jay Baruchel; on paper, any film that brings together a cast like that has done something right. And the Hawaiian setting ought to make for a pleasant backdrop, courtesy of cinematographer Eric Gautier (The Motorcycle Diaries, Into the Wild).

The short of it: for better or worse, this looks like a typical Cameron Crowe rom-com, through and through. Everyone's feelings will no doubt vary, regarding whether that's a good thing - or not.

Aloha opens in U.S. theaters on May 29th, 2015.

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