'Almost Human' Robromance Trailer: Karl Urban & Michael Ealy are Futuristic Buddy Cops

The year is 2048. John Kennex (Karl Urban) is a cop who finds himself partnered up with an android and quickly murders his new colleague, to the mild annoyance of his superiors. But is John's deep-seated technophobia really just a projection of his negative feelings about his own synthetic leg? We'll soon found out, as John is partnered with Dorian (Michael Ealy), an android who was previously kept locked away in storage for having too much of a personality.

A review of the pilot episode, which aired at Comic-Con this year, described Almost Human as a "ro-bromance" and it seems that Fox was pretty pleased with the label since the network has used it as the title for this new trailer. An earlier trailer for the show revealed that John's resentment towards synthetic officers stems from a previous situation where one of them left his friend to die because it was the "logical" thing to do. The I, Robot vibe is strong with this one.

So, could Almost Human become the Due South of the sci-fi genre? It certainly has a lot going for it in terms of the casting, with Urban's brash abrasiveness playing off well against Ealy's more cool and collected character, and supporting roles filled by Lili Taylor and Mackenzie Crook. J.J. Abrams has an executive producer credit, which could mean anything from him being actively involved to just occasionally waving a thumbs-up in the direction of the show, but the actual creator and showrunner is Fringe writer J.H. Whyman.

The response from critics and audience members who saw the pilot was generally pretty positive. Though Almost Human didn't get a swathe of rave reviews, IGN collected together some fairly positive feedback from sci-fi fans, and Blastr described it as having "a lot of potential." Quite a few shows have had rocky or average pilots and later picked up in quality once the writers found their feet, so it would be nice to see that happen for Almost Human and some fresh material brought to a topic that's already been skillfully examined in both sci-fi literature and movies.

When we polled Screen Rant readers earlier this year, Almost Human came out on top as the show that people were most looking forward to out of Fox's fall schedule. Urban's recent performance as Judge Dredd in Dredd will no doubt bring some extra attention, since he's playing a similarly technologically-enhanced cop in the show. This is also a pretty strong trailer with a few funny moments and the introduction of an interesting premise.

Tell us in the comments if you're planning to tune in for the Almost Human pilot, and what you think the show needs in order to succeed beyond a first season.


Almost Human will premiere on Fox on Monday November 17th, 2013.

Source: Fox

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