Is 'Almost Human' on the Verge of Cancellation?

Almost Human - Kennex & Dorian

Fox doesn't exactly have the most solid history when it comes to bringing science fiction to the small screen. Fans no doubt still haven't forgotten that the network was responsible for prematurely cancelling a perennial fan favorite in Joss Whedon's Firefly (a series some are still hoping to revive, twelve years after it went off the air).

So Fox's latest sci-fi offering, Almost Human, had an uphill battle ahead of it to begin with. The series may share some of the creative team as the network's cult hit Fringe, including Star Trek Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams as executive producer. Furthermore, it has Dredd's Karl Urban and Think Like a Man star Michael Ealy as a human and android police team solving crimes in a compelling futuristic setting. The show was destined to be a hit, right?

According to TV by the Numbers, Almost Human actually may be on its way off of Fox's schedule altogether. The site has brought its prediction for the show's fate down to "likely to be canceled," indicating that its chances of being renewed for a season 2 are slimmer than ever. While ratings haven't been extraordinarily low, the show isn't cheap, and the fact that the network hasn't ordered any additional episodes beyond the initial 13-episode order doesn't bode well.

Dorian and John on Almost Human

Even worse, it seems that Fox is moving proven hit Bones back to its original timeslot and pushing Almost Human out. This shift could imply that the network has lost faith in the show's ability to draw an audience and simply intends to burn through the remaining episodes by plugging Almost Human elsewhere in its schedule. Of course, this should be taken with a grain of salt, as Fox has yet to issue an official word on Almost Human.

After a strong narrative start, it's unfortunate that the prospects for Almost Human are slimming. There's still a chance that the series could hang on for another season, but perhaps the writing was on the wall to begin with. After all, the series lost a showrunner before it even aired, and Fox hasn't aired its episodes in the intended order (another sign of network neglect).

While some may believe that the network's failure to extend Almost Human's maiden season to a full 22 episodes is just another example of the short-and-sweet approach Fox is taking with Sleepy Hollow, the fact is that the show's more episodic tone makes that far less likely. As always, time will tell.

Do you think Almost Human will make it to season 2, Screen Rant readers? How do you think Fox can help boost the show's profile? Let us know in the comments section.


Almost Human airs Mondays @8pm on Fox. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for updates on the show's status.

Source: TV by the Numbers

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