Grant Morrison Calls All-Star Superman Animated Film 'Epic'

Grant Morrison calls the upcoming 'All-Star Superman' animated movie 'epic' but will it hold a candle to the awesome comic book it's based on?

All-Star Superman is, in this Screen Rant writer’s opinion, the greatest single comic book of the last decade. Mark Millar (Kick-Ass) has talked for years about his desire to write the perfect Superman book, but unfortunately for him, Grant Morrison already did. And it’s called All-Star Superman. Man.

Indeed, Grant Morrison is not only one of the greatest living comic book writers, but he’s also – again, in my opinion – the greatest writer working in mainstream superhero comics today. From Animal Man to Justice League of America to New X-Men to Seven Soldiers of Victory to, more recently, Batman. Almost everything the man touches is gold. Which is why, when he says something is awesome, my ears perk up and I take note.

Next month, the animated All-Star Superman film will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD and the special features will include a documentary with Grant Morrison and Co-Publisher of DC Comics Dan Didio talking about the behind-the-scenes of the All-Star Superman comic book. In it, Morrison talks about his love of the upcoming animated feature:

“It took only a single viewing for All-Star Superman to become one of my all-time favorite superhero movies. The adaptation by Bruce [Timm], Dwayne [McDuffie] and the team is quirky, epic, and heartbreaking and I don’t think I’ve seen anything else quite like it. A triumph, as they say!”

Like I said, when Grant Morrison says something is good, count me in for giving it a chance. Having said that, the trailer for the animated movie doesn’t make itself out to be as quirky, epic, and heartbreaking as Morrison does. Indeed, the acting seems sub-par, the animation seems…well, par at best, and overall, the feature just looks like a generic episode of Superman: The Animated Series.

Check out the trailer below:


All-Star Superman – the comic book – is one of the weirdest, most creative, and most amazing iterations of Superman that has ever seen the printed page. Frankly, if it were up to me, Zack Snyder, Christopher Nolan, David Goyer, et al, would just remake the comic book, page for page and panel for panel, as The Man of Steel (not that Goyer has a great track record for that kind of thing). The book is perfect. The book takes the best of every era of the man of tomorrow and distills it into one very beautiful twelve-issue comic book story. I’m hoping against hope that the animated feature has captured just a portion of that brilliance and beauty, but you better believe that I’m dubious.

All Star Superman Lex Luthor Protecting Clark Kent

All-Star Superman hits stands February 22nd, 2011. It’s produced by animation veteran Bruce Timm, written by comic and animation veteran Dwayne McDuffie, and stars James Denton (Desperate Housewives) as Superman, Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) as Lois Lane, and Anthony LaPaglia (Without a Trace) as Lex Luthor.

Source: DC's The Source Blog

Art by Frank Quitely

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