Allison Mack Returning For 'Smallville' Series Finale

The prayers of Smallville fans wanting to see more than five episodes with Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) have been answered, as the fan-favorite character will be returning for one more episode this season – the Smallville series finale.

Even though Allison Mack’s five episode commitment for this season ended with The Hangover inspired episode "Fortune," Chloe Sullivan marrying Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) and moving away to Star City just didn’t seem like the appropriate send off for such a beloved character. Fortunately, Chloe will be making her return to Metropolis one last time, to witness the transformation of Clark Kent (Tom Welling) into Superman.

While both Warner Bros. and The CW have not confirmed Mack’s involvement in the series’ finale episode – which will also see the return of Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor – TV Line is reporting that a “well-placed source” told them that Allison Mack is currently on set for the filming of the Smallville series finale and that she ”will be a part of the grand send-off.

From the beginning, Chloe has been Clark’s proverbial sidekick - always helping him out when in need and making sure that his Kryptonian secret remains, well, secret. When it was announced that Mack would only be reprising the role Chloe for five episodes in Smallville season 10, fans were rightfully upset.

Despite Chloe’s recent episodic involvement falling on this season’s parody episodes ("Collateral" = The Matrix and "Fortune" = The Hangover), it was still nice to see her return, and, more than anything, it showed that her involvement in the series – even if the episodes weren’t the best – still served to elevate the overall entertainment value of the 10-year television drama.

Now that Chloe will be returning for the Smallville series finale, the character will have a chance to receive a better ending. Although, one has to wonder whether the ending she might receive - now that she’s involved in the series finale - might be, well, final as in: dead.

Like many fans, I would hate to see that fate come to Chloe, but given the fact that Darkseid looks to be behind Lex Luthor’s impending return and considering that it’s the series finale, the producers might decide to go right at the heartstrings of every fan watching. Since very little information has been released about the Smallville series finale, this is pure speculation.


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Source: TV Line

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