All together now: "WHO CARES?!"

"According to an interview with David Duchovny, a sequel to THE X-FILES movie is "definitely happening." The Moviehole website reports straight from the actor's mouth that franchise creator Chris Carter has an idea for the second X-FILES movie and Duchovny expects to don his FBI agent's suit again sometime in the next year. "

This has got to be the biggest "who cares"-snoozer-news-disguising-as-a-"big deal" that I've seen in a long time. Talk about beating the proverbial dead horse.

Chris Carter ran the TV show into the ground by taking the concept of red herrings to a level never seen before or since. Twists and unexpected turns in the plot are great, but after a while one starts to feel like someone is yanking their chain one time too many. At some point the story has to deliver something.

Finally the first X-Files movie came out, and everyone was psyched, thinking that finally everything would be brought to a clear conclusion. Nope, sorry... just more "huh?" factor.

Is the show even still on? Does anyone even still watch it? I think they had better keep the budget on this film looooooooooow if they want any sort of profit on it.

I personally could not care less about this film, but I thought somebody ought to say it.



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