All the Money: Wahlberg Wouldn't Approve Plummer Without Payment

Mark Wahlberg reportedly wouldn't sign off on recasting Christopher Plummer in All The Money In The World until he got a bigger payment. Director Ridley Scott made quite a splash when he made the unprecedented decision to replace Kevin Spacey with Plummer in the film, some two months before it was schedule to open in theaters. Fans and Hollywood players alike respected Scott's decision to remove Spacey from the film, after news of sexual assault allegations against the actor broke.

There's since been quite a bit of controversy over the very large pay disparity between Wahlberg and co-star Michelle Williams on this film. It's been reported that Williams' contract included a per diem fee for reshoots, while Wahlberg's did not, allowing him to negotiate a much higher payout for the reshoots to replace Spacey. However, an anonymous source is now denying the veracity of those contract claims, accusing Wahlberg of using Plummer as a means to pad his own wallet.

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The anonymous source told USA Today that both Williams and Wahlberg did indeed have reshoot terms written into their contracts, but that Wahlberg saw an opportunity to force renegotiations when news of the allegations came to light. The source said both actors were represented by the same agency and both spent the same amount of time reshooting the film. If true, that certainly makes the pay disparity an even more glaring one. The source also revealed a clause in Wahlberg's contract giving him the ability to approve or veto co-stars. Wahlberg allegedly refused to sign off on Plummer joining the cast unless he was paid over one million dollars for the reshoots.

Wahlberg's talent agency, William Morris Endeavor, has so far declined comment. Williams previously revealed her enthusiastic approval of the All the Money recasting and subsequent reshoots, saying she would give up all her free time to come back and finish the film. Williams said she had great respect for the undertaking and recognized how important the decision was to recast.

Despite the huge expense of the reshoots, it's likely they saved the film from financial ruin. Many of Spacey's other works have been shelved indefinitely, while others have faced production issues as parties have pulled out of the projects in droves. Meanwhile, All the Money in the World has enjoyed critical success along with Golden Globe multiple nods. There's no doubt the last-minute casting change sparked interest in moviegoers, who otherwise would not have gone to see the film in theaters.

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Source: USA Today

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