All the Money in the World Trailer: Ridley Scott’s Kidnapping Drama

The first trailer is here for Ridley Scott's true story-based kidnapping drama, All the Money in the World. Scott is known as one of the most versatile and visual directors working today, not to mention prolific. This year alone, he has already released the Prometheus sequel (or, if you prefer, Alien prequel) Alien: Covenant and produced this October's long-awaited sci-fi sequel, Blade Runner 2049. The 79-year-old filmmaker has no intention of slowing down or passing up challenging subject matter anytime soon, either.

Scott’s second round in the director’s chair this year is All the Money in the World, which tells the true story of the 1973 kidnapping of the grandson of oil magnate J. Paul Getty. The film brings together a powerhouse cast that includes Golden Globe winner Michelle Williams, Oscar nominee Mark Wahlberg, Oscar and Golden Globe winner Timothy Hutton - and as Getty himself, Oscar and Golden Globe winner Kevin Spacey.

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This marks the first pairing of Spacey with Scott, who told EW that the pair have known each other for a very long time. Discussing an encounter four or five years ago, Spacey explained:

“I said to him, in the future, I don’t care where you are, I don’t care if we’re on an airplane or at some VIP premiere party, if you see me, I do not want you to come up to me, I do not want you to come say hello, because we’ve been saying hello together for nearly 20 years, and the next time you say hello to me has to be on a film set.”

The trailer offers a glance at what Spacey’s makeup-heavy portrayal of the then “richest man in the world” J. Paul Getty. Starting with the point of view of 16-year-old John Paul Getty III (Charlie Plummer, Granite Flats), accompanied by a meticulously remixed “Time of the Season“ by The Zombies, the film looks like another detailed, polished production - as we have come to expect from Scott and Scott Free Productions alike. The trailer also highlights another dramatic turn from Michelle Williams, who joined the project after Natalie Portman dropped out.

According to EW, Spacey did research into the life of Getty only to find he wasn’t necessarily the villain the public thought him to be. The role, which was originally offered to Jack Nicholson, offered the actor a chance to dive into the heart of the real-life story:

“The circumstances of this particular event were very fraught with a lot of misinformation, and a lot of assumptions.   He was reluctant to pay the ransom on one level because he had 14 grandchildren, and he felt that if he started paying ransom, he was going to put his other grandchildren in jeopardy. Yes, there are certain things he did to minimize the tax implications of paying ransom, and people can certainly question, ‘Was that a good thing? Was that a bad thing?’ You know, he was all business. That’s the thing I really learned about him, that he was all business.”

Incidently, the real-life John Paul Getty III is the father of actor Bathazar Getty (Twin Peaks: The Return) who co-starred in Ridley Scott’s 1996 action-film White Squall. The backstory behind All the Money in the World has been dramatized for the big screen by writer David Scarpa (The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Last Castle).

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Source: EW

Key Release Dates
  • All the Money in the World (2017) release date: Dec 25, 2017
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