New All the Money in the World Posters Swap Out Kevin Spacey

Sony Pictures releases two new posters for All the Money in the World that omit Kevin Spacey's name and replace it with Christopher Plummer.

Two new posters for director Ridley Scott's upcoming film All the Money in the World swap out Kevin Spacey's name for Christopher Plummer's. It's crunch time for the upcoming true-life crime drama, which chronicles the harrowing events surrounding the kidnapping of J. Paul Getty's grandson, 16-year-old J. Paul Getty III, in 1973, and the elder Getty's shocking response to his grandson's captors.

While All the Money in the World was previously completed with an awards season run in place, plans for the film changed drastically after sexual misconduct allegations surfaced against Spacey. As other allegations began to mount against Spacey, who played the pivotal role of J. Paul Getty in the film, Sony Pictures first decided to pull its Best Supporting Actor Oscar campaign for the two-time Academy Award winner. Not long after, facing the risk of losing millions of dollars with Spacey's name attached to the film, Scott made a decision to cut the actor from the film altogether and replace him with Plummer.

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Now, as the Scott and Sony are scrambling to reshoot the scenes with Plummer in place of the former House of Cards star to meet a December 22 release date to qualify for this year's Oscars, the studio has released a pair of new movie posters reflecting the newest addition to the film. The original poster featured a wide shot of stars Michelle Williams and Mark Walhberg in the shadow of a huge stone bust monument of Spacey as Getty, fashioned by the heavy prosthetic makeup the actor was required to wear for the role. Williams' name appeared first on the poster, followed by Spacey's and then Wahlberg's name. However, in the two new All the Money in the World posters (see below), released exclusively by EW, there's no evidence of the elder Getty character at all.

The first poster features an image of Williams and Wahlberg's characters similar to a previously-released production photo, as the pair tries to navigate through a press crowd. The second poster is more symbolic to the actual kidnapping of Getty III. The poster features a $100 bill in the shape of a severed ear, which is an allusion to how Getty III's kidnappers cut off the teen's ear and sent it along to his mother (Williams) to let her know that they were serious about their ransom demands.

Naturally, Plummer's name now appears on the posters instead of Spacey's, where the Oscar-winning Beginnings star's moniker appears between Williams' and Wahlberg's names.

The release of the posters clearly shows that Scott and Sony are clearly intent on meeting the release deadline for All the Money in the World, as Plummer is no doubt in the throes of shooting his turn as Getty as we speak. It's an unprecedented move that could probably only be pulled off in the digital age of filmmaking, and one that fans will likely study with great interest when All the Money in the World opens in five weeks.

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Source: EW

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