Part of the attraction of the film is its cast: just Redford, and absolutely no one else. In a literal one-man show, Redford portrays a lone sailor whose sailboat collides with an errant shipping container. Though he scrambles to repair the damage, the sailor soon finds events spiraling out of control – eventually stranding him thousands of miles from land, lost and without hope.

All Is Lost Robert Redford All Is Lost Trailer: Robert Redford vs. the Pitiless Sea

The final, comprehensive trailer above shows off the impressive camerawork, tense situations, and, of course, Redford’s grimly stoic performance. Directed by J.C. Chandor (Margin Call), All Is Lost has been gaining considerable attention along the festival circuit and is currently playing in select theaters in the United States. The film currently boasts a 95% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

This preview itself is impressively constructed, but falls into the all-too-common (and surely expected) trap of showing too much of the film. Not only does the trailer plod through All Is Lost‘s plot points, it does so in a (seemingly) linear order that strips any possible intrigue from the proceedings.

Then again, All Is Lost is not some twist-filled action rollercoaster whose major plot points need to be kept a secret. According to reviews, the film is a master class in minimalist filmmaking – not to mention a fantastic showcase for an actor still at the top of his game despite pushing 80. All Is Lost could be worth tracking down your the closest art-house theater, if only to see what all the talk is about come awards season.

All Is Lost is currently playing in a limited release across the US.

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