Alita: Battle Angel's Producer Asks Fans To Pester Disney For A Sequel

With the fate of Alita: Battle Angel 2 unknown, one of the film's producers is asking fans to pester Disney in order to get a sequel.

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A producer of Alita: Battle Angel is asking fans to tell Disney that they want a sequel. Battle Angel Alita was a popular manga series that ran for five years, starting in 1990. Just this year, the film was adapted for a feature-length film directed by Robert Rodriguez and starring Rosa Salazar as the titular character Alita.

An adaptation of Battle Angel Alita had been in development since the early 2000s, with James Cameron originally planning on directing the film. Nearly 20 years later, the film was finally released, but it didn't do exceptionally well at the box office. Originally, Alita: Battle Angel had been predicted to bomb at the box office, but fortunately for 20th Century Fox, the film turned a profit and got mostly positive reviews from fans and critics. Shortly after Alita: Battle Angel hit theaters, Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, making the fate of an Alita sequel unknown. Now, one of the film's producers is asking fans for help.

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When talking with Cinema Blend, producer Jon Landau spoke about the potential of ever seeing Alita: Battle Angel 2. Landau couldn't confirm that they were working on a second film, but he suggested, "What I think the Alita Army should do is keep peppering our family now at Disney and [let them know] how important it is to have another Alita movie and hopefully we'll venture there one day."

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While acquiring Fox benefits Marvel since they gained the rights to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, the purchase negatively affected a lot of other franchises. R-rated franchises like Alien and Predator are currently in limbo, while other highly anticipated titles like Chronicle 2 and The Return of the Killer Clowns from Outerspace in 3D were simply scrapped.

An Alita: Battle Angel sequel has not been confirmed, but it certainly isn't off the table. Not only does Alita have a big fan base called the "Alita Army," but Salazar wants to return for more Alita sequels. Disney has remained open to continuing Fox's R-rated projects, but Disney will likely be more open to giving Alita: Battle Angel a sequel since the first film was rated PG-13. For now, fans will be left wondering if Disney will ever give Alita a sequel. However, the company no doubt has other more-pressing films that they will focus on before considering another Alita: Battle Angel film.

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Source: Cinema Blend

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