Aliens vs Predator 2 Trailer: Don't Get Your Hopes Up

I think the tagline for Aliens vs Predator: Requiem should be:

Abandon Ye All Hope

And I'm not referring to the characters in the movie... I'm talking about the audience.

The first trailer for AVP2 is out, and be warned that this is a "Red Band" trailer. Meaning it is not approved for all audiences, has tons of gore, violence and R-rated language.

Within the first 20 seconds, before a single character had appeared on the screen I already had my first "uh oh" moment. The trailer opens with the classic tagline from the original Alien:

In space no one can hear your scream.

Except here it goes like this:

In space...

Cut to a spaceship flying by, with a very definite engine whooshing sound. one can hear you scream.

Cut to the same ship pulling away, again with loud whooshing sound.

So I guess the deal is that although in space no one can hear you scream, you can hear the sound of spaceships flying by...

To me this looks bad, bad, BAD. I'm sorry, but the very first thing that bugs me is that right off the bat the movie is populated with a bunch of under 25 year olds. I got flashbacks to Transformers not only from that, but from scenes that followed. It felt like a cross between that and one of the Friday the 13th sequels with Aliens substituted for Jason Voorhees.

I had really hoped beyond hope that this one wouldn't stink like the first one, but unless this trailer is completely misrepresenting the movie those hopes have gone flying out the window.

I'd love to hear what you think about it.

For larger versions of the trailer head on over to IGN, which premiered it.

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