Aliens Honest Trailer: Nobody Listens to Ripley

Aliens poster - Ripley and Newt

Screen Junkies' "Honest Trailers" are not known for pulling punches and that remains the case, with their Aliens Honest Trailer. The comedy series wryly recreates some of the most iconic trailers with a blunt twist, pointing out all of the movie's flaws. The videos tend to target recent releases, with SplitRogue One: A Star Wars Story, and La La Land being among its more recent victims. However, fan demand occasionally calls for a classic to enter the hot seat.

The Alien franchise is on everybody's mind, with new prequel Alien: Covenant's U.S. premiere just days away. It makes sense, then, that Honest Trailers' newest target is the franchise's iconic sequel Aliens. The movie received seemingly endless critical acclaim after its 1986 release, including seven Oscar nominations, but that doesn't stop Screen Junkies from injecting their signature sarcasm into the beloved film's Honest Trailer.

The satirical promo points out the sequel's many similarities to its predecessor, and lampoons its uniquely melodramatic marines -- plus, you'll never believe which other James Cameron film featured Vasquez actress Jenette Goldstein. You can watch the Honest Trailer for Aliens above.

Ellen Ripley in Aliens

Aliens was considered a landmark film for sci-fi, as its critical acclaim made it one of the first films from the genre to be taken seriously by the Academy. Though she didn't win, Sigourney Weaver's Oscar nomination for her role as Ellen Ripley was as surprising as it was delightful to Ripley's countless fans (including your dad), since her nomination marked the AMPAS' real respect for the film and its genre.

The Aliens Honest Trailer isn't shy about its contempt for Alien prequel Prometheus, which will be followed in just a few days by Alien: Covenant. The Alien movie franchise is notorious for repeating its formulaic premise, and Prometheus drew a lot of fan criticism for essentially repeating the plot of Alien, but with some (arguably) rather-unnecessary philosophizing and CGI showboating added in. Fans and critics alike are nervous to see whether Alien: Covenant will repeat the same mistakes, or actually bring fans an Alien follow-up as successful as the now thirty-one-year-old Aliens.

Separate from its greater implications for the overall franchise, this is a hilarious and biting spoof, as Honest Trailers are wont to be. We encourage you to check out the Prometheus Honest Trailer as well, if you liked this surprisingly critical take on what is perhaps the Alien franchise's most-beloved film.

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Source: Screen Junkies

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