Cancelled Alien vs. Predator Movie Detailed In New Video

A new video breaks down a rejected Alien Vs Predator script dubbed The Hunt. 1990’s Predator 2 famously featured a xenomorph skull mounted on the titular hunter’s wall, so it didn’t take long for fans to get excited about the possibility of a movie featuring the two iconic monsters squaring off. This concept also formed the basis of a popular Dark Horse comic series at the time, and screenwriter Peter Briggs was the first to pen a draft called The Hunt: Alien Vs Predator.

Around this time Alien 3 was still being developed, and according to star Sigourney Weaver, part of the reason she wanted Ripley killed off was to avoid being a part of it. While Briggs' script was met with great buzz and remains a fan favorite, it ultimately didn’t move forward. The project wound up in development hell for over a decade, until writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson took over. This resulted in the 2004 movie which found the dueling alien creatures duking it out in an underground temple in Antarctica. While the movie was a financial success, it was met with lukewarm reviews focused on the weak script and PG-13 rating.

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Very little of Briggs' Alien Vs Predator script made it into the final version, but this draft remains a firm fan favorite. For those curious about this unrealized project, a new video from Mr H Reviews breaks down the storyline for the movie. The Hunt took place in the future on the jungle planet Ryushi, where a Predator has to deal with a xenomorph outbreak on a human colony. He’s forced to team with a human survivor as events spiral out of control, leading to some intense action.

Fans often lament that Briggs' screenplay was a much stronger take on Alien Vs Predator, and should have been used. While Anderson’s movie isn’t terrible, it was a major disappointment to those who waited 15 years for the movie to come together. That said, it’s a much more entertaining offering than Alien Vs Predator: Requiem, which is often considered the nadir of both franchises.

There are currently no plans for further Alien Vs Predator spinoffs or solo movies for either series. Shane Black’s The Predator was a box office dud, and while there’s still talk of Ridley Scott’s Alien: Awakening moving forward, it appears a TV series on a streaming service is more likely. With Disney set to take ownership of both properties in the near future, it could be some time before either series produce a new movie.

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Source: Mr H Reviews

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