Two Alien TV Shows Reportedly In The Works, Ridley Scott Producing One At Hulu

Alien TV Show on Hulu

Not one, but two Alien TV shows are reportedly in development, one of which is said to be heading to Hulu with Ridley Scott as a producer. Scott began the long-running Alien franchise back in 1979. Since then, the Xenomorph has appeared in a number of sequels, crossovers, video games, and comic books. Now it looks like the Alien franchise is coming to the small screen.

Last year, fans heard about an Alien TV show that was going to be set in the movie universe. Very few details had been revealed about the series at that time, but a few months later it was revealed that a streaming service had supposedly picked up the Alien TV show. Now it seems that the program is moving forward and fans will be getting even more Alien than they expected.

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According to HN Entertainment, two Alien TV shows are in development. Hulu is the streaming service that seems to have picked up the program with Scott acting as executive producer. It's also likely that Hulu could be collaborating with Scott's production company, Scott Free Productions, when developing the series. As for the second TV show, no details have been shared just yet, besides the revelation that it's being developed.

Besides news about the Alien TV shows, there's been plenty of news about the Alien franchise. A documentary called Memory – The Origins Of Alien will be released this year for the original film's 40th Anniversary, and a mobile game called Alien: Blackout was also recently released. The last installment of the Alien franchise, Alien: Covenant, flopped at the box office and with critics alike. With confirmation from Fox that a new Alien movie definitely isn't happening right now, bringing the Xenomorphs to the small screen may be the best way of keeping the franchise alive.

If two Alien TV shows really are in development, there will be plenty of opportunities to explore and expand upon different elements of the Alien world. A TV show would have a lot more time to properly develop characters and a storyline, something that a typical two and a half hour movie sometimes can't achieve. Scott has attempted to expand his Alien world with the prequel films Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, but a TV series could be a better option for the franchise, especially since Disney is in the process of acquiring 20th Century Fox. While details about these two shows are scarce as of right now, more details are sure to come out in the coming months as the Alien shows continue to come together.

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Source: HN Entertainment

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