Alien TV Series Reportedly Picked Up By A Streaming Service

An unconfirmed report states the Alien TV series is going ahead and has been picked up by a streaming service. No plot details have been revealed.

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A new report suggests the Alien TV series is definitely going ahead and has been picked up by a streaming service. The franchise has been in something of a holding pattern since the release of Alien: Covenant, which was a critical and commercial disappointment. Ridley Scott had planned to make at least two more movies that would follow on from Covenant, but talk of a direct sequel has been quiet for a long time and it feels likely a new entry will follow a new storyline.

The Alien series celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2019, and a number of projects are in development to tie into the event. A new documentary titled Memory – The Origins Of Alien will explore the development of the classic 1979 original, and Fox has launched a short film competition allowing fans to make a fan film set in the Alien universe. There were also reports earlier this year an Alien TV series was in development, though no story or casting details were revealed.

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Little has been heard of this potential Alien TV show in the months since, but a new report suggests it’s definitely going ahead. A recent video from YouTuber Mr. H Reviews quotes an anonymous source who states the show is happening and has been picked up by an unnamed streaming source. There’s still no word on the plot, episode count or anything else, but it appears the show is officially greenlit.

The Alien franchise has explored pretty much every form of media except for a TV series, but given the wealth of terrific expanded universe material out there, the possibilities of such a show are almost limitless. This isn’t the first time a show has been considered, however. The original Alien was made during an era where even a successful movie didn’t necessarily guarantee a sequel, which is why it took seven years for Aliens to arrive. A report from 1980 suggested an Alien TV series was happening and would pick up after the original, but it ultimately didn’t go ahead. A cartoon pilot dubbed Operation: Aliens was also created in the early 1990’s, but it wasn’t aired over concerns of the franchise’s suitability for children.

With Disney buying Fox, reports suggest the Alien movie series will be shelved for the time being. Fox’s R-rated properties like Alien and Predator haven’t earned great numbers in recent years, and Disney’s initial focus will be on more family-friendly projects. An Alien TV series represents a potential new direction for the franchise, so for the time being fans will need to wait and see what the show’s concept will be.

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Source: Mr. H Reviews

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