Fargo Creator Tried Making An Alien TV Miniseries On FX

Fargo creator Noah Hawley had at one point attempted to create an Alien TV miniseries on FX. The Alien franchise began in 1979 when Ridley Scott directed the Oscar-winning film titled Alien for 20th Century Fox. Alien and the Xenomorph creatures became a profitable franchise for the studio, which has spawned several sequels, spinoffs and prequels over the years.

With this year being the 40th anniversary of the original sci-fi/horror classic, there has been a lot of news about the franchise. It was recently announced that six Alien short films would be released this year, which is the closest to a new film fans will be getting anytime soon. The fate of Scott's Alien: Covenant sequel is still unknown, but a documentary called Memory: The Origins of Alien was released this year, giving fans an inside look at Scott's 1979 film. There have been several video games, movies, and comic books about Alien over the years, but it looks like a live-action TV show almost happened at one point.

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According to Deadline, it seems as if Hawley tried to turn Alien into a TV miniseries at one point, but it obviously didn't happen. In their update on the Fox and Disney merger, Deadline explains that Fox's film chief Stacey Snider has had a leading hand in preventing people from adapting Fox's franchises for the small screen, one of which would have been an Alien miniseries on FX. No other details on the project are known at this time.

Alien Xenomorph

While Hawley didn't get the chance to create an Alien TV show for FX, there has been word of an Alien TV series for quite some time. In fact, at one point it was even believed that two Alien TV series might be in development. One of the two shows is thought to be heading to Hulu, with Scott himself producing the series. This series could still be developed since The Walt Disney Company owns the majority of Hulu, but nobody knows for sure what the House of Mouse plans to do with this franchise.

Despite 20th Century Fox seeing success from their Alien franchise, Disney could choose to put future Alien content on the back burner for now. Disney has seemed open to continuing to release R-rated movies, but with their reputation of releasing family friendly features, many people have been worried about Fox's R-rated franchises. Disney certainly now has the ability to produce Alien content under their banner, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they will.

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Source: Deadline

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