Sigourney Weaver Surprises the High School Cast of Alien Play

Sigourney Weaver surprised the high school cast of the play based on Alien. With less than a month to go before the date arrives marking exactly 40 years since the initial US release of Alien, some fans are going that extra mile to deliver something befitting of the iconic sci-fi/horror film.

As celebrations continue all over the world, including special screenings of the film, artwork, and even a handful of professional quality short films from amateur filmmakers, it’s safe to say that 2019 has so far brought Alien back into the public consciousness. Perhaps most impressive of all to date, however, was the stage production that a suburban high school in North Bergen, New Jersey put on last month. The play - a reimagining of Alien done with a cast of teenage students with highly impressive sets and costumes all made from recycled materials - became an instant viral hit, prompting delighted reactions from celebrity fans of the 1979 film like Patton Oswalt and Josh Gad, as well as non-celebrity fans alike.

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As with the original film, it seems that the play continues to have a life of its own. Now, several weeks after it first gained public attention, the cast of the play at North Bergen High School have received the surprise of a lifetime. The official Alien Twitter account, as well as New Jersey State Senator Nicholas J. Sacco, revealed that Sigourney Weaver, the three-time Oscar nominee and star of the Alien films, made the trip out to North Bergen as the students were putting on an encore presentation of the play. Weaver surprised the students who were - to put it mildly - blown away by the star’s arrival. Check out the reactions below:

The students were likely still coming down from the whirlwind that their production has caused, with even Alien creator, writer, and director Ridley Scott having written them a personal letter to praise them for their dedication and hard work. Scott also told them to do Gladiator next – a bold challenge if ever there was one. At present, there is no indication that the North Bergen High School drama students are planning a stage production of the epic multi-Oscar winner, but with Weaver’s visit having once again brought the students back into the spotlight, the possibilities of what can be done must feel limitless for all involved.

When one considers everything that has occurred at North Bergen High School, it’s amazing to think that it all started because an unknown filmmaker took a chance on his passion project forty years ago. These students today have been so fortunate to experience everything they have since their Alien stage production went viral, and it is perhaps the perfect example of not needing hundreds of millions of dollars to create something spectacular. The heart, hard work, and passion these students have exhibited are another aspect of Alien’s legacy, inspiring a new generation of actors, artists, and creative endeavor. That alone makes this 40-year-old film truly magical.

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Source: Alien, Nicholas J. Sacco

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