'Alien' Prequel Space Jockey Concept Art NOT Revealed [Updated]

Ridley Scott Prometheus Alien spinoff

[Update: The Concept Art is NOT from the Alien prequels. See post for details.]

Script Flags was sent some sketches of what are allegedly "The Space Jockeys," and extraterrestrial race that will be featured in Ridley Scott's upcoming Alien prequels.

Let me be clear upfront: there is no confirmation that this artwork is the official concept artwork being used by Ridley Scott and the other Alien filmmakers. That said, it is certainly worth a look.

For those who aren't experts on the Alien franchise, "The Space Jockeys" are a mysterious alien race that appeared in Ridley Scott's original Alien film. The Jockey (shown above) was actually an alien corpse on a crashed ship that Ripley's (Sigourney Weaver) crew first encountered on the planet LV-426. On that same crashed vessel, Ripley's team discovered eggs housing the face-grabbing parasites that give birth to the dreaded titular aliens.

UPDATE: Coming Attractions has done their homework and traced this concept art back to its original source: the blog of Doug Williams, Art Director of Undead Labs. Apparently, Doug posted the art as a way of grabbing the attention of District 9 director Neill Blomkamp, whom he hopes to one day work with.

For now, the actual look of The Space Jockeys in the Alien prequels remains a mystery.

Take a look at the supposed Space Jockey debunked concept art below:


Alien Prequels Space Jockey

We know that The Space Jockeys are large in size, and this supposed concept art does in fact resemble the corpse pictured in the header image up top, which is taken from the original Alien film. So while this art isn't confirmed to be official, it is interesting nonetheless - I would be happy to see these designs brought to life onscreen.

Previous reports about the story for the two-part Alien prequel have stated that the film will focus on the backstory of The Space Jockeys (and specifically the Jockey seen crash-landed in the first Alien film), as well as their relationship to acid-blooded alien species.

There will also have a human component - as recent Alien casting rumors have indicated. Some early (and admittedly dubious) rumors have already asserted that the prequels will deal with human/Space Jockey relations. If that's true - if human actors and Space Jockey creatures will be sharing a lot of scenes in the film -  the designs for the Jockeys needs to be fairly impeccable, able to look eerie and alien yet relatable and expressive at the same time.

I for one am hoping that they use practical makeup/animatronic effects to bring the Jockeys to life; no need to go the CGI route, really.

What do you think of the artwork? Could it be official?

The Alien prequels are slated to be in theaters sometime in 2011. However, seeing as how they have yet to even cast a lead actor, we'll see if they meet that deadline.

Source: Script Flags

Update sources: Coming Attractions & Doug Williams

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