H.R. Giger Returning to Work on 'Alien' Prequel

HR Giger designer returning for Alien prequel

Recently we got a solid status update about Ridley Scott's Alien prequel. Included in that update was news that the movie would be titled Paradise; that both Michael Fassbender and Michelle Yeoh would possibly be starring; and the details of a few of the main characters were even divulged.

However, 20th Century Fox swiftly jumped in to squash most of those rumors saying that there would be an official announcement soon letting us know what's really going on with the (singular not plural) Alien prequel.

Unfortunately we're still waiting on that official announcement from Fox - but while we wait we have another piece of Alien news that's more than likely true. In an interview with Swiss TV news outlet Schweizer Fernsehen (or Swiss Television), the wife of surrealist sculptor and designer H.R. Giger (who won an Oscar for his visual effects work on the original Alien) said her husband is returning to work with Scott once more on the sets and creatures of the prequel. You can watch the video interview with her HERE if you happen to speak German.

You might not be familiar with Giger's name, but you're surely familiar with his work - particularly in Scott's original Alien. Not only did Giger create the look of the Alien creature, but also "The Derelict" and the "Space Jockey" seen briefly in the original. The prequel supposedly explores the origins of the Space Jockey.

HR Giger working on original Alien

One of the characters rumored to be in the prequel was called "Engineer 1" who is to be played by a 6'5" actor who would be created via CGI motion-capture. It could be that "Engineer 1" is actually the Space Jockey, as seen in the first Alien. Scott has previously suggested that the carcass we saw in the original film actually contains a life form that looks very different to what we saw in the film. Interesting...

It's definitely a good thing Giger is returning to the Alien universe (if this news is indeed true and not just another cog in the rumor mill). First of all,  it means there will be consistency between the original film and the prequel (things should feel consistent considering that the prequel is supposedly the story of what led to the events of the original Alien. Second, Giger is clearly the right man for the job considering he designed the look of the original Alien creature and won an Oscar for his efforts, to boot. He clearly did something right.

We'll keep you apprised of any Alien prequel news including if Giger is indeed returning to work on the film and, of course, we'll let you know the details of that aforementioned official announcement.

Source: Schweizer Fernsehen via AvPGalaxy

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