It’s a saga that’s haunted the cosmos for 38 years, and now Ridley Scott is taking us back into the nightmare in his latest chapter of the Alien series with Alien: Covenant along with Michael Fassbender and new heroine Katherine Waterston. Following a new crew that are set to get their faces hugged and hit with a serious chest infection, it’s another addition to the franchise that will bring buckets of blood and various nerve-shredding scares.

Now that we’ve been at both ends of the Alien lifecycle– with Covenant being set before Ripley’s first meeting with the beast from the stars– there’s been a number of frightening moments that have left fans screaming. From bug hunts gone bad to some moments that didn’t even actually involve the titular extraterrestrial, there have been plenty of incidents that made our blood run cold and forced us to wonder if that really was our hearts pounding in our chests. Check out the list below of the 15 Most Terrifying Moments In The Alien Franchise.

15. The Back Burster – Alien: Covenant (2017)

Alien Covenant clip screenshot 15 Most Terrifying Moments From The Alien Franchise

Whatever rule book there is for Alien, Covenant makes a great effort to add even more interesting and unread chapters in the xenomorph’s lineage and that includes its grisly ancestor. Already glimpsed at in the trailer, the arrival of the neomorph descendent might not be as hair-raising as the original chest-burst from 1979 but it looks even more painful.

After Ledward is infected with the Engineers’ virus, it’s a matter of minutes before the virus begins to take its toll. The patient is barely even stripped down before his insides quickly make their way outside, and the neomorph breaks through his spine like a twig, taking its first blood-soaked breaths of life. It’s stomach-churning stuff and a brave readjustment of a visceral horror we’ve become so familiar with from past Alien movies.

14. Shaw’s C-Section – Prometheus (2012)

Prometheus C Section 15 Most Terrifying Moments From The Alien Franchise

A film that split audiences down the middle upon its release, there are very few moments of terror to be had in Prometheus. With that said, there are the occasional strands that bring the fear in bucket loads and one includes leading lady Elizabeth Shaw trying to get rid of the unwanted organism growing inside her. To the Emergency Room – STAT!

Harking back to the same issue Ripley faced in Alien 3, Shaw manages to avoid future chest problems by strapping herself into a hyper-tooled hospital bed and having the xeno-fetus removed. It’s a horrible process that Ridley Scott ensures to show from every possible angle as a squid-like being clings to its host before being torn away.

Fans might question how Shaw manages to be up and about after such a procedure, but there’s no denying that you may have clutched your stomach on the first viewing.