20Sex In Space

In an early draft of the script for Alien, crew members aboard the Nostromo regularly struck up and maintained sexual relationships with one another. The idea was that these encounters would serve as a means of relieving tension during long-haul trips. While almost all traces of this idea were erased

from the final film, some elements still remain. In one scene, cut from the final film, for example, Ripley is seen asking Lambert if she ever had sex with Ash. By replying no, it sparks her suspicion that he may in fact be an android. Another scene, which was only used during Sigourney Weaver’s screen test, also saw Ripley speak to Dallas about the possibility of the pair hooking up later.

Though not massively impactful on the plot, the inclusion of this idea could have changed the overall tone of the Alien franchise, which has rarely dabbled in the world of sex, save for a couple of liaisons in Alien 3 and, more notably, in Prometheus.

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