New Alien Video Game Being Developed By FoxNext Games

Get ready to fire in short, controlled bursts once again, as Fox is developing a brand new Alien movie shooter video game. The Alien franchise is no stranger to the world of video games, and the series has appeared on just about everything from the Gameboy to the PlayStation 4 over the years. There have been some classic games based on the franchise such as Alien: Isolation and 1999’s Alien Vs Predator, but there have been some notable duds too; think 2013’s infamous Aliens: Colonial Marines, for example.

The franchise - and James Cameron’s Aliens in particular - has also been a major influence on gaming itself and practically inspired the whole space marine subgenre that spawned Halo, Killzone, and Quake. Most of the games based on the series have focused on action or shooting, while a few – like Isolation – have attempted to capture the sweaty dread of Ridley Scott’s original film. It’s been a little while since players had a quality bug hunt in video game form, but that may change soon.

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Polygon is reporting that FoxNext Games – the gaming division of Fox – are currently working a new Alien game alongside developers Cold Iron Studios. Details on this new game are thin at the moment, other than it being an AAA shooter for both PC and consoles.

Alien: Isolation was the last major video game based on the series, and while it received praise for its atmosphere, graphics and the A.I. of the eponymous beast, it turned some off due to its high level of difficulty. It’s hard to say how excited fans will be for yet another shooter based on the Alien series, but it's early days at the moment and some exciting gameplay footage could change all that.

In the meantime, the Alien movie franchise appears to be in limbo. This is partly due to Disney’s ongoing merger with Fox, so it’s too early to say how such a mature property will be handled by the House of Mouse. The other issue is the last film entry, Alien: Covenant, disappointed at the box-office. Covenant ended on a significant cliffhanger, and while Ridley Scott is eager to continue the current storyline, mixed critic and fan reactions to Covenant suggest he may not get the chance.

Scott has also made no secret of his desire to replace the Xenomorph and focus on Michael Fassbender’s android David as the new face of the franchise instead, which is another bone of contention with fans. Time will tell if Scott will be allowed to continue his ambitious vision, but it wouldn't be a major shook if an Alien reboot is announced instead.

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We will keep you updated on this new Alien video game as more information arrives.

Source: Polygon

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