Alien: Isolation Trailer: New Animated Series Coming To IGN Tomorrow

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20th Century Fox has turned the critically-praised survival horror game Alien: Isolation into a seven episode web series, and unveiled the trailer ahead of its release on IGN tomorrow. Released in 2014, Alien: Isolation followed Ripley's daughter, Amanda, as she tried to uncover the truth of what happened to her mother and the Nostromo, fifteen years after the events of Alien. In her search for answers, however, she ends up fighting to stay alive on Sevastopol, a space station that has been invaded by a Xenomorph.

Alien: Isolation was enjoyably faithful to the aesthetics and design of the original movie, featuring a lo-fi vision of the future and chilling gameplay that meant players were never quite sure where the Xenomorph would attack from next. Now, fans of Alien: Isolation can revisit it from a new angle with the web series.

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As IGN explains, the series was created using a combination of cut scenes from the game, newly rendered scenes, and first-person segments in the game that were re-shot and edited for the purposes of the web series. The story is lifted from the game, but if you were too scared to play Alien: Isolation from start to finish, this is an opportunity to experience Amanda's fight for survival in a different way. Check out the trailer for the Alien: Isolation web series below.

Created by 20th Century Fox in collaboration with Reverse Engineering Studios and DVgroup, the Alien: Isolation web series is set to release in full on IGN at 9am P.T. on Thursday, 28th February. The goal of the series is to offer "new depth" to the story for people who played through the game, and to make that story "newly accessible" to those who have not. Basically, it's a way of following the game's story without having to climb through those vents and hide in lockers yourself.

Alien: Isolation's sales unfortunately weren't strong enough to earn it a major console sequel, though Amanda Ripley has now returned in a mobile game called Alien: Blackout. This year the franchise is celebrating its 40th anniversary, but the movies are currently in a state of limbo following Alien: Covenant's poor box office performance. According to Fox, there are no new Alien movies in the works at the moment, so the Alien: Isolation web series may be the best way to get your Alien fix for now.

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Alien: Isolation releases Thursday February 28th on IGN.

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